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2016Differences in microbial metabolites in urine headspace of subjects with Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) detected by volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis and metabolomicsBatty, CA; Cauchi, M; Hunter, JO; Woolner, J; Baglin, T; Turner, C
27-Nov-2018Is food intolerance a factor underlying chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)?Batty, CA; Hunter, JO; Woolner, J; Baglin, T; Turner, C
10-Sep-2018Quantification by SIFT-MS of volatile compounds produced by the action of sodium hypochlorite on a model system of infected root canal contentIoannidis, K; Niazi, S; Deb, S; Mannocci, F; Smith, D; Turner, C
31-Jan-2019Sniffing out resistance - Rapid identification of urinary tract infection-causing bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility using volatile metabolite profilesSmart, A; Costello, BDL; White, P; Avison, M; Batty, C; Turner, C; Persad, R; Ratcliffe, N
4-Sep-2014The use of a portable breath analysis device in monitoring type 1 diabetes patients in a hypoglycaemic clamp: validation with SIFT-MS dataWalton, C; Patel, M; Pitts, D; Knight, P; Hoashi, S; Evans, M; Turner, C