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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jul-2022Assessing circularity of multi-sectoral systems under the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) nexusNika, CE; Vasilaki, V; Renfrew, D; Danishvar, M; Echchelh, A; Katsou, E
5-Apr-2024Assessing the future prospects of emerging technologies for shipping and aviation biofuels: A critical reviewArias, A; Nika, C-E; Vasilaki, V; Feijoo, G; Moreira, MT; Katsou, E
28-Jun-2020Data-driven versus conventional N<inf>2</inf>O EF quantification methods in wastewater; how can we quantify reliable annual EFs?Vasilaki, V; Danishvar, S; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
14-Apr-2019A decade of nitrous oxide (N<inf>2</inf>O) monitoring in full-scale wastewater treatment processes: A critical reviewVasilaki, V; Massara, TM; Stanchev, P; Fatone, F; Katsou, E
15-Apr-2022Full-scale emission results (N2O and CH4)Vasilaki, V; Pijuan, M; Duan, H; Katsou, E
16-Jan-2019Implementation of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for dairy products: An approach to assess nitrogen emissions in a mass balanced dairy farm systemEgas, D; Vasilaki, V; Katsou, E; Stanchev, P; Ponsá, S; Colon, J
8-Jan-2024Indicator based multi-criteria decision support systems for wastewater treatment plantsRenfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; Katsou, E
2020A knowledge discovery framework to predict the N2O emissions in the wastewater sectorVasilaki, V; Conca, V; Frison, N; Eusebi, AL; Fatone, F; Katsou, E
15-Apr-2022Knowledge-based and data-driven approaches for assessing greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater systemsPorro, J; Vasilaki, V; Bellandi, G; Katsou, E
19-Mar-2020Multilevel environmental assessment of the anaerobic treatment of dairy processing effluents in the context of circular economyStanchev, P; Vasilaki, V; Egas, D; Colon, J; Ponsá, S; Katsou, E
26-Apr-2018Relating N<inf>2</inf>O emissions during biological nitrogen removal with operating conditions using multivariate statistical techniquesVasilaki, V; Volcke, EIP; Nandi, AK; van Loosdrecht, MCM; Katsou, E
15-Jan-2024Systematic assessment of wastewater resource circularity and sustainable value creationRenfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; Nika, E; Tsalidis, GA; Marin, E; Katsou, E
20-Nov-2023Tracing wastewater resources: unravelling the circularity of waste using source, destination, and quality analysisRenfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; Nika, E; Harris, E; Katsou, E
12-Aug-2021Validating circular performance indicators: The interface between circular economy and stakeholdersNika, CE; Expósito, A; Kisser, J; Bertino, G; Oral, HV; Dehghanian, K; Vasilaki, V; Iacovidou, E; Fatone, F; Atanasova, N; Katsou, E
19-Sep-2020Water Cycle and Circular Economy: Developing a Circularity Assessment Framework for Complex Water SystemsVasilaki, V; Nika, CE; Expósito, A; Katsou, E
23-May-2022Where is the greatest potential for resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants?Renfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; McLeod, A; Lake, A; Danishvar, S; Katsou, E