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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A bourdieuan relational perspective for entrepreneurship researchTatli, A; Vassilopoulou, J; Özbilgin, M; Forson, C; Slutskaya, N
2019The gate-keeper networks of power, and symbolic capital: Gender exclusion in the Professional Service Firms (UK and Europe)MacNeil, Christina Mary
2018International perspectives on securing human and social rights and diversity gains at work in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and in times of austerityVassilopoulou, J; Kyriakidou, O; Georgiadou, A; Jose Pascal, DR; Mor Barak, M
18-Jan-2019The ‘new’ migration for work phenomenon: The pursuit of emancipation and recognition in the context of workVassilopoulou, J; Ozbilgin, M; Groutsis, D; Kyriakidou, O