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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2018Effect of high dose folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on pre-eclampsia (FACT): Double blind, phase III, randomised controlled, international, multicentre trialWen, SW; White, RR; Rybak, N; Gaudet, LM; Robson, S; Hague, W; Simms-Stewart, D; Carroli, G; Smith, G; Fraser, WD; Wells, G; Davidge, ST; Kingdom, J; Coyle, D; Fergusson, D; Corsi, DJ; Champagne, J; Sabri, E; Ramsay, T; Mol, BWJ; Oudijk, MA; Walker, MC
2014A Microsoft-Excel-based tool for running and critically appraising network meta-analyses--an overview and application of NetMetaXL.Brown, S; Hutton, B; Clifford, T; Coyle, D; Grima, D; Wells, G; Cameron, C
2015Network meta-analysis incorporating randomized controlled trials and non-randomized comparative cohort studies for assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments: Challenges and opportunitiesCameron, C; Fireman, B; Hutton, B; Clifford, T; Coyle, D; Wells, G; Dormuth, CR; Platt, R; Toh, S
19-Mar-2020Stated preferences for attributes of a CYP2C19 pharmacogenetic test among the general population presented with a hypothetical acute coronary syndrome scenarioBereza, BG; Coyle, D; So, DY; Kadziola, Z; Wells, G; Grootendorst, P; A, E; Papadimitropoulos
2014Systematic review and network meta-analysis comparing antithrombotic agents for the prevention of stroke and major bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillationCameron, C; Coyle, D; Richter, T; Kelly, S; Gauthier, K; Steiner, S; Carrier, M; Coyle, K; Bai, A; Moulton, K; Clifford, T; Wells, G
2015Triptans in the acute treatment of migraine: A systematic review and network meta-analysis.Cameron, C; Kelly, S; Hsieh, SC; Murphy, M; Chen, L; Kotb, A; Peterson, J; Coyle, D; Skidmore, B; Gomes, T; Clifford, T; Wells, G
2014What guidance are researchers given on how to present network meta-analyses to end-users such as policymakers and clinicians? A systematic reviewSullivan, SM; Coyle, D; Wells, G