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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2018How do palliative care doctors recognise imminently dying patients? A judgement analysisWhite, N; Harries, P; Harris, AJL; Vickerstaff, V; Lodge, P; McGowan, C; Minton, O; Tomlinson, C; Tookman, A; Reid, F; Stone, P
10-May-2019Imminent death: Clinician certainty and accuracy of prognostic predictionsWhite, N; Reid, F; Vickerstaff, V; Harries, P; Tomlinson, C; Stone, P
3-Mar-2019Protocol for the ORaClES study: An online randomised controlled trial to improve clinical estimates of survival using a training resource for medical studentsOostendorp, L; White, N; Harries, P; Yardley, S; Tomlinson, C; Ricciardi, F; Gokalp, H; Stone, P
22-Mar-2020Specialist palliative medicine physicians and nurses accuracy at predicting imminent death (within 72 hours): a short reportWhite, N; Reid, F; Vickerstaff, V; Harries, P; Stone, P
25-Aug-2016A systematic review of predictions of survival in palliative care: How accurate are clinicians and who are the experts?White, N; Reid, F; Harris, A; Harries, P; Stone, P
9-Jul-2019The (un)availability of prognostic information in the last days of life: A prospective observational studyWhite, N; Reid, F; Harries, P; Harris, AJL; Minton, O; McGowan, C; Lodge, P; Tookman, A; Stone, P