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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2018The matrix proteins aggrecan and fibulin-1 play a key role in determining aortic stiffnessYasmin; Maskari, RA; McEniery, CM; Cleary, SE; Li, Y; Siew, K; Figg, NL; Khir, AW; Cockcroft, JR; Wilkinson, IB; O'Shaughnessy, KM
29-Jun-2020Review of the Techniques Used for Investigating the Role Elastin and Collagen Play in Arterial Wall MechanicsGiudici, A; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, A
28-Feb-2019Stiffening and ventricular-arterial interaction in the ascending aorta using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Ageing effects in healthy humansLi, Y; Hickson, SS; McEniery, CM; Wilkinson, IB
9-Dec-2020Towards the non-invasive determination of arterial wall distensible properties: new approach using old formulaeLi, Y; Giudici, A; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, AW
22-Sep-2021Transfer-function free technique for the non-invasive determination of the human arterial pressure waveformGiudici, A; Palombo, C; Morizzo, C; Kozakova, M; Cruickshank, JK; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, AW
2-Mar-2023Tri-layered constitutive modelling unveils functional differences between the pig ascending and lower thoracic aortaGiudici, A; Spronck, B; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, AW