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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2015Direct numerical simulation of gas transfer across the air-water interface driven by buoyant convectionWissink, JG; Herlina, H
2011Direct numerical simulation of heat transfer from the stagnation region of a heated cylinder affected by an impinging wakeWissink, JG; Rodi, W
2014Direct numerical simulation of turbulent scalar transport across a flat surfaceHerlina, H; Wissink, JG
2010Direct numerical simulations of transition in a compressor cascade: The influence of free-stream turbulenceZaki, TA; Wissink, JG; Rodi, W; Durbin, PA
2014The Effect of wake Turbulence Intensity on Transition in a Compressor CascadeWissink, JG; Zaki, TA; Rodi, W; Durbin, PA
2017Exploiting the misalignment of the serrated trailing edges for improved aerofoil broadband noise reductionWoodhead, PC; Chong, TP; Wissink, JG
2011Heat transfer from the stagnation area of a heated cylinder at Re(D) = 140,000 affected by free-stream turbulenceWissink, JG; Rodi, W
2016Isotropic-turbulence-induced mass transfer across a severely contaminated water surfaceHerlina, H; Wissink, JG
2013Low-diffusivity scalar transport using a WENO scheme and dual meshingKubrak, B; Herlina, H; Greve, F; Wissink, JG
2016Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in a channel containing a small slotGoulart, J; Wissink, JG; Wrobel, LC
2014Parameterization of travelling waves in plane Poiseuille flowSmith, WR; Wissink, JG
7-Dec-2018Simulation of air-water interfacial mass transfer driven by high-intensity isotropic turbulenceHerlina, H; Wissink, JG
2015Travelling waves in two-dimensional plane Poiseuille flowSmith, WR; Wissink, JG
2015Turbulent kinetic energy production in the vane of a low-pressure linear turbine cascade with incoming wakesMichelassi, V; Wissink, JG