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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cross-cultural studies among Saudi students in the United KingdomAlyami, Adel
2012Cultural factors influencing content of delusions among schizophrenic patients in Saudi ArabiaALNzawi, Fatma Mohammed
2013Cultural values, social support and self-esteem as predictors of depression in a Libyan contextAbuhajar, Aisha Mohamed
2009Emotional processing of natural visual images in brief exposures and compound stimuli: fMRI and behavioural studiesShaw, Lynda Joan
2012Enjoying the operatic voice: A neuropsychoanalytic exploration of the operatic reception experienceZuccarini, Carlo
2014Event-related alpha suppression in response to facial motionGirges, C; Wright, M; Spencer, J; O'Brien, J
2019Expertise Differences in Identifying the Direction of an Opposing Footballer's Moves: A Behavioural and Event-Related Potentials Study With Point-Light StimuliWright, M; Jackson, R
2016Expert–novice differences in brain function of field hockey playersWimshurst, ZL; Sowden, PT; Wright, M
2011The influence of self-reported ethnic origin and mood on elicited emotion and brain reactivity to happy and sad social filmsMacaulay, Katherine
2017Influences on consumers’ decision making and recognition memory: An investigation using fMRI, EEG and behavioural methodsLi, Lin
2019Investigating the function of alpha frequency oscillatory activityWereszczynski, Karol
2021Measuring electrical activity in the brain during exercise: A review of methods, challenges, and opportunitiesBigliassi, M; Wright, M; Karageorghis, C; Nowicky, A
1989The narrative of dream reportsBlagrove, Mark Thomas
1994Opponent processes in human motion perception: shear and compression sensitivity, induced motion and motion captureRoberts, Karl Anton
19-Jun-2018Recruitment of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) for researchQuint, JK; Moore, E; Lewis, A; Hashmi, M; Sultana, K; Wright, M; Smeeth, L; Chatzidiakou, L; Jones, R; Beevers, S; Kolozali, S; Kelly, F; Barratt, B
2014Touching the past: Haptic Augmented Reality for Museum ArtefactsDima, M; Hurcombe, L; Wright, M
2006'What do they tell their friends?' - Intimacy and self-disclosure in young children's friendshipsAnagnostaki, Lida