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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Actualizing Sámi Rights: International Comparative ResearchAllard, C; Kirchner, S; Xanthaki, A; Valkonen, S; Mörkenstam, U
2014The added-value of minorirt rights protection for Muslims in Western Europe: multiculturalist approaches and international lawBerry, Stephanie Eleanor
2016Against Integration, for human rightsXanthaki, A
2005Balancing human rights and the rehabilitation of ex-offendersXanthaki, A
2001Cultural rights of indigenous peoplesXanthaki, A
2017Honour killings in Turkey: women’s rights, feminist approaches and domestic legislation at crossroadsKulahli, Ayse
2005Hope dies last: An EU directive on Roma integrationXanthaki, A
2015Indigenous autonomy in the AmericasXanthaki, A
2017Indigenous peoples' Customary Laws, Sámi People and Sacred SitesXanthaki, A
2014'Indigenous Rights at the United Nations: Their impact on international human rights standards'Xanthaki, A
2019Indigenous self-determination: A response to MassadXanthaki, A
2017International Instruments on Indigenous Cultural Heritage: Tales of FragmentationXanthaki, A
2003Land rights of indigenous peoples in Southeast AsiaXanthaki, A
2010Multiculturalism and international law: Discussing universal standardsXanthaki, A
2014Normative DirectionsXanthaki, A
2013Rights of Indigenous Peoples under the Light of Energy ExploitationXanthaki, A
2019Universality revisited: the importance of culture for women’s rightsXanthaki, A
1-Aug-2019When universalism becomes a bully: Revisiting the interplay between cultural rights and women’s rightsXanthaki, A