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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Numerical simulation of solid tumor blood perfusion and drug delivery during the “vascular normalization window” with antiangiogenic therapyLv, J; Cao, J; Cai, Y; Zhou, Y; Long, Q; Yao, W; Xu, S
8-Dec-2023A probabilistic solar irradiance interval-valued prediction model with multi-objective optimization of reliability, sharpness and stabilityZhang, X; Ng, WWY; Wu, X; Pan, K; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Xu, S; Zhang, J; Wang, T; Lai, LL
1-Dec-2008Simulation of 3D solid tumour angiogenesis including arteriole, capillary and venuleWu, J; Long, Q; Xu, S; Padhani, AR; Jiang, Y