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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Bahadur representation of linear kernel quantile estimator of VaR under mixing assumptionsWei, X; Yang, S; Yu, K; Yang, X
2007Bayesian analysis of a Tobit quantile regression modelYu, K; Stander, J
2012Bayesian extreme quantile regression for hidden Markov modelsKoutsourelis, Antonios
2014Bayesian Lasso-mixed quantile regressionAlhamzawi, R; Yu, K
20-Jul-2023Bayesian log-linear beta-negative binomial integer-valued Garch modelChu, Y; Yu, K
2014Bayesian Mode RegressionYu, K; Aristodemou, K; Lu, Z
2011Bayesian parameter estimation and variable selection for quantile regressionReed, Craig
9-Mar-2023Bayesian scale mixtures of normals linear regression and Bayesian quantile regression with big data and variable selectionChu, Y; Yin, Z; Yu, K
23-Nov-2022Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Modeling for the Inpatient Hospital Costs of Alcohol-Related DisordersYu, Z; Yu, K; Härdle, WK; Zhang, X; Wang, K; Tian, M
2015Bayesian Tobit quantile regression using-prior distribution with ridge parameterAlhamzawi, R; Yu, K
8-Feb-2018Binary Quantile Regression and Variable Selection: A new ApproachAristodemou, K; He, J; Yu, K
-Challenges in the application of DCVG-survey to predict coating defect size on pipelinesYu, K
2016Challenges in the application of DCVG-survey to predict coating defect size on pipelinesYu, K; Anes-Arteche, Francisco; Bharadwaj, Ujjwal; Lee, Chi; Wang, Bin
26-Aug-2020Classical and Bayesian Inferences in Step-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests for Inverse Weibull Distribution Under Type-I CensoringAkgul, FG; Yu, K; Senoglu, B
1-Jun-2023Complete f-moment convergence for negatively superadditive dependent random variablesYu, K; Wang, L; Hu, X
3-Sep-2018Composite quantile regression for massive datasetsJiang, R; Hu, X; Yu, K; Qian, W
13-Jun-2022Computation Efficiency Optimization for RIS-Assisted Millimeter-Wave Mobile Edge Computing SystemsYu, X; Yu, K; Huang, X; Dang, X; Wang, K; Cai, J
2017Data analysis for improved risk assessment in underground pipelinesAnes-Arteche, Francisco
2014Democracy, Financial Openness, and Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Heterogeneity Across Existing Emission LevelsYou, W-H; Zhu, H-M; Yu, K; Peng, C
2015Density Regression Based on Proportional Hazards FamilyDang, W; Yu, K