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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Dec-2018Development of a maximum entropy-Archimedean copula-based bayesian network method for streamflow frequency analysis-A case study of the Kaidu River Basin, ChinaKong, X; Zeng, X; Chen, C; Fan, Y; Huang, G; Li, Y; Wang, C
8-Feb-2021Mindfulness in Ethical Consumption: The Mediating Roles of Connectedness to Nature and Self-controlWei, L; Li, Y; Zeng, X; Zhu, J
26-Aug-2021Operation Strategy for Electric Vehicle Battery Swap Station Cluster Participating in Frequency Regulation ServiceZhang, F; Yao, S; Zeng, X; Yang, P; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Lai, LL