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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2020Evolution of twinning and shear bands in magnesium alloys during rolling at room and cryogenic temperatureZhang, K; Zheng, JH; Huang, Y; Pruncu, C; Jiang, J
18-Mar-2023Experimental Investigation of High-Pressure Liquid Ammonia Injection under Non-Flash Boiling and Flash Boiling ConditionsFang, Y; Ma, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, K; Jiang, C; Wang, Z; Shuai, S
1997A fibre optic sensor for the measurement of surface roughness and displacement using artificial neural networksZhang, K; Butler, C; Yang, QP; Lu, Y
2016A quality-based nonlinear fault diagnosis framework focusing on industrial multimode batch processesPeng, K; Zhang, K; You, B; Dong, J; Wang, Z