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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012(1S)-1-phenylethanaminium 4-{[(1S,2S)-1-hydroxy-2,3-dihydro-1H,1'H-[2,2'-biinden]-2-yl]methyl}benzoateFrampton, CS; Zhang, T; Scalabrino, GA; Frankish, N; Sheridan, H
26-Feb-2020Application of Clustering Filter for Noise and Outlier Suppression in Optical Measurement of Structured SurfacesLou, S; Tang, D; Zeng, W; Zhang, T; Gao, F; Muhamedsalih, H; Jiang, X; Scott, PJ
27-Sep-2021Calcilobes wangshenghaii n. gen., n. sp., microbial constructor of Permian-Triassic 2 boundary microbialites of South China, and its place in microbialite classificationKershaw, S; Zhang, T; Li, Y
22-Jul-2019The dark side of board network centrality: Evidence from merger performanceTao, Q; Li, H; Wu, Q; Zhang, T; Zhu, Y
2014The dynamics of the stochastic shadow Gierer-Meinhardt systemWinter, M; Lihu, X; Zhai, J; Zhang, T
7-Feb-2020Fraction-Order Total Variation Image Blind Restoration Based on Self-Similarity FeaturesZhou, L; Zhang, T; Tian, Y; Huang, H
2020A furniture industry concept for a sustainable generative design platform employing robot based additive manufacturingFox, A; Zhang, T; Yang, Q; Zhao, Y
2009Human-centred design: An emergent conceptual modelZhang, T; Dong, H
21-Nov-2018Near-Net Forming Complex Shaped Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses by High Pressure Die CastingLiu, L; Zhang, T; Liu, Z; Yu, C; Dong, X; He, L; Gao, K; Zhu, X; Li, W; Wang, C; Li, P; Zhang, L; Li, L
2020Ontology-based Knowledge Modeling of Post-occupancy Evaluation for Green BuildingZhao, Y; Yang, Q; Fox, A; Zhang, T
28-Jul-2018Uniformly asymptotic normality of sample quantiles estimator for linearly negative quadrant dependent samplesJiang, R; Yu, K; Zhang, T