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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2020Economic-Effective Multi-Energy Management Considering Voltage Regulation Networked with Energy HubsZhao, P; Gu, C; Cao, Z; Hu, Z; Zhang, X; Chen, X; Hernando-Gil, I; Ding, Y
2017Grain Refinement and Improvement of Solidification Defects in Direct-Chill Cast Billets of A4032 Alloy by Melt ConditioningLi, H-T; Zhao, P; Yang, R; Patel, JB; Chen, X; Fan, Z
28-May-2020Reactive power optimization in integrated electricity and gas systemsZhao, P; Gu, C; Xiang, Y; Zhang, X; Shen, Y; Li, S