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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2019Bond behaviour between early age concrete and steel bar subjected to cyclic loading after fireLu, L; Yuan, G; Shu, Q; Huang, Z; Zhong, C; Xu, B
26-Mar-2021A Deep Learning based Hybrid Method for Hourly Solar Radiation ForecastingLai, CS; Zhong, C; Pan, K; Ng, WWY; Lai, LL
28-Sep-2021Multi-view deep forecasting for hourly solar irradiance with error correctionZhong, C; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Tao, Y; Wang, T; Lai, LL
4-Nov-2021MultiCycleNet: Multiple Cycles Self-Boosted Neural Network for Short-term Electric Household Load ForecastingChen, R; Lai, CS; Zhong, C; Pan, K; Ng, WWY; Li, Z; Lai, LL
4-May-2021A stochastic sensitivity-based multi-objective optimization method for short-term wind speed interval predictionChen, X; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Pan, K; Lai, LL; Zhong, C