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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018[AAM REQ publisher permission LKR 28/06/2018] Application of cluster analysis for enhancing power consumption awareness in smart gridsColetta, G; Vaccaro, A; Villacci, D; Zobaa, AF
2017Advances in Smart Grid and Renewable EnergySenGupta, S; Zobaa, AF; Sherpa, KS; Bhoi, AK
2015Affine arithmetic-based methodology for energy hub operation-scheduling in the presence of data uncertaintyVaccaro, A; Pisani, C; Zobaa, AF
2014An algorithm for optimal sizing of the capacitor banks under non-sinusoidal and unbalanced conditionsBalci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Sakr, S
2017Analyses of optimum generation scenarios for sustainable power generation in GhanaAwopone, AK; Zobaa, AF
2017Application of mixed integer distributed ant colony optimization to the design of undamped single-tuned passive filters based harmonics mitigationZobaa, AF
2015Assessment of energy credits for the enhancement of the Egyptian Green Pyramid Rating SystemAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Abdel Mageed, HM
2017Assessment of optimal pathways for power generation system in GhanaAwoponea, AK; Zobaa, AF; Banuenumah, W
2016Batteries investigations of small unmanned aircraft vehiclesZobaa, AF; Leuchter, J
2017Big data optimization in electric power systems: a reviewRahimi, I; Ahmadi, A; Zobaa, AF; Emrouznejad, A; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2003Capacitive compensation at nonsinsoidal buses based on IEEE Std. 18-1992Zobaa, AF
2018Cognitive Informatics and Soft Computing Proceeding of CISC 2017Mallick, PK; Balas, VE; Bhoi, AK; Zobaa, AF
2017Comparative power quality study of variable speed wind turbinesAhmed, IA; Zobaa, AF
2014Comparison between hysteresis and space vector PWM of shunt active power filter based on prediction harmonic current extractionMamdouh, MM; Mansour, AA; Nashed, MNF; Zobaa, AF; Abou Elzahab, EE
2014Comparison between the conventional methods and PSO based MPPT algorithm for photovoltaic systemsKoad, RBA; Zobaa, AF
2014Comparison of different optimization criteria for optimal sizing of hybrid active power filters parametersElmathana, KTM; Zobaa, AF
2014Comparison study of five maximum power point tracking techniques for photovoltaic energy systemsKoad, RBA; Zobaa, AF
2018A comprehensive review of power quality issues and measurement for grid-integrated wind turbinesZobaa, AF; Ahmed, I; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2015Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids: Enabling Methodologies for Proactive and Self Organizing Power SystemsZobaa, AF; Vaccaro, A
2016A cost effective harmonic cancellation method for high frequency Silicon Carbide MOSFET based single phase inverterHarrasi, A; Zobaa, AF