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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The role of dispositional reinvestment in choking during decision-making tasks in sportKinrade, Noel Peter
2007The role of domain-specific practice, handedness and starting age in chessGobet, F; Campitelli, G
2016The role of e-participation and open data in evidence-based policy decision making in local governmentSivarajah, U; Weerakkody, V; Waller, P; Lee, H; Irani, Z; Choi, Y; Morgan, R; Glikman, Y
2012The role of emotional intelligence in enhancing intercultural sensitivitySaberi, Maria Akbar
2017The role of error processing in the contextual interference effect during the training of perceptual-cognitive skillsBroadbent, D; Causer, J; Williams, AM; Ford, PR
2017The role of experiential foreign market knowledge and exporter-importer relationship quality on export performance satisfaction: empirical evidence from SMEs in ThailandJatuphatwarodom, Akarawat
2016Role of financial and other information in trade credit decisions in SMEs: An international studyCollis, J; Jarvis, R; Page, M; Holt, A; Fatoki, O; Aregbeshola, A
2017The role of Guanxi in green supply chain management in Asia's emerging economies: A conceptual frameworkGeng, R; Mansouri, SA; Aktas, E; Yen, D
2000Role of health education in promoting health in Libya: Evaluation of the existing situation and assessment of future needsElfituri, Abdulbaset Ali
2012The role of hemispheric lateralisation in immunity & human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 (HIV-1)Sumner, Rachel Clair
2013The role of homeobox gene in leukaemiaAlshehri, Areej
2007The role of human factors in stereotyping behavior and perception of digital library users: A robust clustering approachFrias-Martinez, E; Chen, SY; Macredie, RD; Liu, X
2018The Role of ICT in the Transformation of Government and Citizen TrustMahmood, M; Weerakkody, V; Chen, W
2013The role of imagination in Bergman, Klein and SartreWilliams, Daniel
2003The role of input size and generativity in simulating language acquisition.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
1992The role of institutional investors in the UK economyDhaliwal, Spinder
2010The role of institutions in ICT innovation: Learning from interventions in a Nigerian e-government initiativeMcGrath, K; Maiye, A
2004The role of intellectual capital in organisational value creation: An application of a theoretical model to two case studiesAlwis, Dee
2010The role of intermediaries in facilitating e-government diffusion in Saudi ArabiaAl-Sobhi, F; Weerakkody, V
2013The role of internal stakeholders and influencing factors during the phases of e-government initiative implementationAl-Rashidi, Hajed