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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Transition expertise: Cognitive factors and developmental processes that contribute to repeated successful career transitions amongst elite athletes, musicians and business peopleConnolly, Christopher James
1986The transition from British to Chinese rule in Hong Kong: A discussion of some salient international legal issuesMushkat, R
2001Transition from coherence to bistability in a model of financial marketsD'Hulst, R; Rodgers, GJ
2011Transition of amorphous to crystalline oxide film in initial oxide overgrowth on liquid metalsMen, H; Fan, Z
2012A transition process from information systems acceptance to infusion behaviour in online brand communities: A socialization process perspectiveLim, Jaehoon
2017Transition to turbulence in the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow with stationary vorticesAppelquist, E; Schlatter, P; Alfredsson, PH; Lingwood, RJ
2011Transitivity for height versus speed: To what extent do the under-7s really have a transitive capacity?Wright, BC; Robertson, S; Hadfield, L
2015Translation into Greek and initial validity and reliability testing of a modified version of the SCIM III, in both English and Greek, for self-useMichailidou, C; Marston, L; DeSouza, LH
2010Transmission congestion management by optimal placement of FACTS devicesZeraatzade, Mahbube
2010Transmission error in spur gears: Static and dynamic finite-element modeling and design optimizationTharmakulasingam, Raul
2005Transmission loss allocation through a modified YbusDaniel, JS; Salgado, RS; Irving, MR
2003Transmission loss predictions for dissipative silencers of arbitrary cross section in the presence of mean flowKirby, R
2013Transmission planning for wind energy in the United States and Europe: status and prospectsSmith, JC; Osborn, D; Zavadil, R; Lasher, W; Gómez-Lázaro, E; Estanqueiro, A; Trotscher, T; Tande, J; Korpås, M; Van Hulle, F; Holttinen, H; Orths, A; Burke, D; O'Malley, M; Dobschinski, J; Rawn, B; Gibescu, M; Dale, L
2016Transmission Problems for the Navier–Stokes and Darcy–Forchheimer–Brinkman Systems in Lipschitz Domains on Compact Riemannian ManifoldsKohr, M; Mikhailov, SE; Wendland, WL
2016Transmit antenna selection and user selection in multiuser MIMO downlink systemsAl-Shuraifi, Mohammed
2011Transnational media and migrants in Europe: The case of the mediated Turkish-Kurdish ethno-national conflictKeles, Yilmaz
2016Transnational relationships and cultural identity of older migrantsBurholt, V; Dobbs, C; Victor, C
2013Transnational talaq (divorce) in english courts: law meets cultureBantekas, I
2002Transport and ageing: Extending quality of life for older people via public and private transportGilhooly, M; Hamilton, K; O'Neill, M; Gow, J; Webster, N; Pike, F; Bainbridge, D
1998Transport mechanisms in porous siliconRay, AK; Mabrook, MF; Nabok, AV; Brown, S