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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tsunamis from strike-slip earthquakes in the Wharton Basin, northeast Indian Ocean: March 2016 Mw 7.8 event and its relationship with the April 2012 Mw 8.6 eventHeidarzadeh, M; Harada, T; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Takagawa, T
2015Tsunamis from the 29 March and 5 May 2015 Papua New Guinea earthquake doublet (M<inf>w</inf> 7.5) and tsunamigenic potential of the New Britain trenchGusman, AR; Harada, T; Satake, K
2005TUGS – The tactile user guidance systemGustafson-Pearce, O; Billett, EH; Cecelja, F
2005TUGS: I feel what you seeGustafson-Pearce, O
2004The tumble mode, where test pilots fear to treadGratton, GB; Newman, SJ
2003The 'tumble' departure mode in weightshift-controlledGratton, GB; Newman, SJ
2010Tumour suppressor function of MDA-7/IL-24 in human breast cancerPatani, N; Douglas-Jones, A; Mansel, R; Jiang, W; Mokbel, K
2011The tumour-suppressive function of CLU is explained by its localisation and interaction with HSP60Chaiwatanasirikul, KA; Sala, A
2013Tunable multiband microstrip antenna for 5GHz WLANEjaz, A; Nilavalan, R; Abutarboush, H
2016Tuning in to others: Exploring relational and collective bonding in singing and non-singing groups over timePearce, E; Mac Carron, P; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2010Tuning the structure of non-equilibrium soft materials by varying the thermodynamic driving force for crystal orderingTegze, G; Granasy, L; Toth, GI; Dougls, JF; Pusztai, T
2017Turbine Expander Design for ORC Waste Heat Recovery in High Efficiency, Off-Highway VehiclesAlshammari, F; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesiridis, A
2017Turbocharger Aero-Thermal Performance under Realistic Flow Conditions: Pulsating Flow and Heat Transfer ConsiderationsPesiridis, A
2013Turbocharger Lubrication - Lubricant Behavior and Factors That Cause Turbocharger FailureDellis, P; Retzios, E; Geralis, A; Gasparakis, E; Pesiridis, A
2012Turbocharger matching methodology for improved exhaust energy recoveryPesiridis, A; Salim, W. S-I. W; Martinez-Botas, R.F
2018Turbulence in the rotating-disk boundary layer investigated through direct numerical simulationsAppelquist, E; Schlatter, P; Alfredsson, PH; Lingwood, RJ
2011Turbulent convective heat transfer and pressure drop of dilute CuO (copper oxide) - water nanofluid Inside a circular tubeDjajadiwinata, E; Al-Ansary, HA; Al-Dakkan, K; Bagabas, A; Al-Jariwi, A; Zedan, MF; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2015Turbulent kinetic energy production in the vane of a low-pressure linear turbine cascade with incoming wakesMichelassi, V; Wissink, JG
2014The turn to precarity in twenty-first century fictionMorrison, J
2004Turning on and turning off: A focus group study of the factors that affect women's sexual arousalGraham, CA; Sanders, SA; Milhausen, RR; McBride, KR