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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The challenges of artificial intelligence-
2016Challenges of measuring residual stresses in large girth welded pipe spools by neutron diffractionYao, R; Paradowska, A; Eren, E; Wang, B
2015The challenges of widening ‘legitimate’ understandings of ability within physical educationCroston, A; Hills, L
2014Challenging empowerment: AIDS-affected southern African children and the need for a multi-level relational approachAnsell, N
2014Challenging empowerment: AIDS-affected southern African children and the need for a multi-level relational approachAnsell, Nicola
2010Challenging the evolutionary strategy for synthesis of analogue computational circuitsSapargaliyev, YA; Kalganova, TG
2016ChanLowe, H
2009Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) - Instrument design and technical detailsDrummond, D; Edeson, R; Maddison, B; Parker, DJ; Parker, R; Shrivastava, A; Spencer, J; Kellett, BJ; Grande, M; Sreekumar, P; Huovelin, J; Smith, DR; Gow, J; Narendranath, SKC; d'Uston, L
2012The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray spectrometer: First resultsKellett, BJ; Swinyard, BM; Crawford, IA; Joy, KH; Grande, M; Howe, CJ; Huovelin, J; Narendranath, S; Alha, L; Anand, M; Athiray, PS; Bhandari, N; Carter, JA; Cook, AC; d'Uston, LC; Fernandes, VA; Gasnault, O; Goswami, JN; Gow, JPD; Holland, AD; Koschny, D; Lawrence, DJ; Maddison, BJ; Maurice, S; McKay, DJ; Okada, T; Pieters, C; Rothery, DA; Russell, SS; Shrivastava, A; Smith, DR; Wieczorek, M
2011Change and continuity among minority communities in BritainGeorgiadis, A; Manning, A
1991Change and continuity in school practice: A study of the influences affecting secondary school teachers' work, and of the role of local and national policies within themBennett, Nigel David
2003A Change of Focus: Stock Market Classification in the UKMase, B
2006Changeable Context of the New Technology Artefact and the Changeable Research OutcomesSilve, S
2006Changes in long jump take-off technique with increasing run-up speedBridgett, LA; Linthorne, NP
2016Changes in Neurocognitive Architecture in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated with Continuous Positive Airway PressureRosenzweig, I; Glasser, M; Crum, WR; Kempton, MJ; Milosevic, M; McMillan, A; Leschziner, GD; Kumari, V; Goadsby, P; Simonds, AK; Williams, SCR; Morrell, MJ
2017Changes in non-invasive wave intensity parameters with variations of Savitzky-Golay filter settingsPomella, N; Rakobowchuk, M; Kolyva, C; Khir, AW
2008Changes in respiratory muscle and lung function following marathon running in manRoss, E Z; Middleton, N; Shave, R; George, K; Nowicky, A
2005Changes in the emergency workload of the London ambulance service between 1989 and 1999Peacock, PJ; Peacock, JL; Victor, CR; Chazot, C
1989Changes in the nuclear distribution of DNA polymerase alpha and PCNA/cyclin during the progress of the cell cycle, in a cell-free extract of Xenopus eggsHutchison, C; Kill, IR
2003Changes in the quality of life in severely disabled people following provision of powered indoor/outdoor chairsDavies, A; De Souza, LH; Frank, AO