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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Unintended consequences of changes in the regulatory landscape on the statutory audit processNieNiemi, L; Knechel, WR; Ojala, H; Collis, J
2016Unintended volunteers: the volunteering pathways of working class young people in community sportBradford, S; Hills, L; Johnston, C
1995Uninterruptible power supply system using a dual converter in quasi-resonant modeSchmidt, Uwe
2003Unions of slices are not slicesDe Lucia, A; Harman, M; Hierons, RM; Krinke, J
2017Unionsbürgerschaft an der Schnittstelle zwischen Integration, Solidarität und sozialem ZusammenhaltHamenstaedt, K
2014Unique networks: a method to identity disease-specific regulatory networks from microarray dataBo, Valeria
2014Uniqueness of the Fisher-Rao metric on the space of smooth densitiesBauer, M; Bruveris, M; Michor, PW
2009United Nations employment law and the causes for its failed senior female appointments recordBantekas, I
2013The United States, PMSCs and the state monopoly on violence: Leading the way towards norm changeKrahmann, E
2006Universal attraction force-inspired freeform surface modeling for 3D sketchingQin, S F; Wright, D K
2010Universal correlations and power-law tails in financial covariance matricesAkemann, G; Fischmann, J; Vivo, P
1997Universal correlators for multi-arc complex matrix modelsAkemann, G
2004Universal features of network topologyAustin, K; Rodgers, G J
2015Universal quantum measurementsBrody, DC; Hughston, LP
2003Universal random matrix correlations of ratios of characteristic polynomials at the spectral edgesAkemann, G; Fyodorov, YV
1996Universality of random matrices in the microscopic limit and the Dirac operator spectrumAkemann, G; Damgaard, PH; Magnea, U; Nishigaki, SM
2016University teachers’ self-reflection on their academic growthPedrosa de Jesus, H; Guerra, C; Watts, M
2006University to school: Challenging assumptions in subject knowledge developmentGreen, A
2016University-industry teaching collaborations: a case study of the MSc in structural integrity co-produced by Brunel University London and The Welding InstituteSamuel, G; Donovan, C; Lee, J