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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Variant rs10911021 that associates with coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes, is associated with lower concentrations of circulating HDL cholesterol and large HDL particles but not with amino acidsBeaney, KE; Cooper, JA; McLachlan, S; Wannamethee, SG; Jefferis, BJ; Whincup, P; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Price, JF; Kumari, M; Wong, A; Ong, K; Hardy, R; Kuh, D; Kivimaki, M; Kangas, AJ; Soininen, P; Ala-Korpela, M; Drenos, F; Humphries, SE
2004Variation in the costs of delivering routine immunization services in PeruWalker, D; Mosqueira, NR; Penny, ME; Lanata, CF; Clark, AD; Sanderson, CF; Fox-Rushby, JA
2011Variation in the organization and subunit composition of the mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E2/E3BP core assemblyVijayakrishnan, S; Callow, P; Nutley, MA; McGow, DP; Gilbert, D; Kropholler, P; Cooper, A; Byron, O; Lindsay, JG
2014Variation of Important Non-Dimensional Numbers During Bubble Growth at Nucleation Site in MicrochannelsKadam, ST; Kumar, R; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2009Variational approach to gas flows in microchannels on the basis of the Boltzmann equation for hard-sphere moleculesCercignani, C; Lorenzani, S; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
1974Variational inequations and approximationNoor, MA
1995A variety of environmentally persistent chemicals, including some phthalate plasticizers, are weakly estrogenicJobling, S; Reynolds, T; White, R; Parker, MG; Sumpter, JP
2008Vascular device interaction with the endotheliumAtherton, MA; Khir, AW; Cavazzuti, M; Barozzi, G; Collins, M
1975Vascular reactivity in renal hypertensionCollis, Michael G
2010Vegetation context and climatic limits of the Early Pleistocene hominin dispersal in EuropeLeroy, SAG; Arpe, K; Mikolajewicz, U
2008Vegetation cycles in a disturbed sequence around the Cobb-Mountain subchron in CataloniaLeroy, SAG
2010Vegetation history and climatic fluctuations on a transect along the Dead Sea west shore and impact on past societies over the last 3500 years.Neumann, FH; Leroy, SAG
2007Vehicle-related crime and the gender gapCorbett, C
2009Velocity measurement during evaporation of seeded, sessile drops on heated surfacesChristy, JRE; Sefiane, K; Romain, B; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2016Ventilative cooling of a seminar room using active PCM thermal storageKolokotroni, M; Santos, T; Hopper, N
2010Verbalization and problem solving: Insight and spatial factorsGilhooly, KJ; Fioratou, E; Henretty, N
2008Verdict functions in testing with a fault domain or test hypothesesHierons, RM
2013Verifying and comparing finite state machines for systems that have distributed interfacesHierons, RM
2015Verifying linearisability: A comparative surveyDongol, B; Derrick, J
2014Verifying linearizability on TSO architecturesDerrick, J; Smith, G; Dongol, B