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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Towards a well-being focussed language pedagogy: enabling arts-based, multilingual learning spaces for young people with refugee backgroundsFrimberger, K
2007Towards an alternative to Benner’s theory of expert intuition in nursing: A discussion paperGobet, F; Chassy, P
2015Towards an automation of the traceability of bugs from development logs: A study based on open source softwareAuwal Romo, B; Capiluppi, A
2012Towards an effective class action model for European consumers: Lessons learnt from IsraelFlavian, Ariel
2013Towards an evaluation framework for medical web applicationsXydopoulos, G; Stergioulas, L
2012Towards an integrated and interoperable platform for telehealth and telecareClarke, M; Jones, RB; Fursse, J
2015Towards an operationalization of test-driven development skills: An industrial empirical studyFucci, D; Turhan, B; Juristo, N; Dieste, O; Tosun-Misirli, A; Oivo, M
2007Towards an understanding of British public attitudes concerning human cloningShepherd, R; Barnett, J; Cooper, H; Coyle, A; Moran-Ellis, J; Senior, V; Walton, C
2018Towards an understanding of credit cycles: do all credit booms cause crises?Karim, D; Barrell, R; Macchiarelli, C
23-Jul-2018Towards augmenting multimedia QoE with wearable devices: Perspectives from an empirical studyHussain, N; Mesfin, G; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G
2017Towards clarifying the powers of the Nigerian banking regulatorAdeyemo, Folashade
2014Towards clean and sustainable distributed energy system: The potential of integrated PEMFC-CHPAleknaviciute, I; Karayiannis, TG; Collins, MW; Xanthos, C
2012Towards cloud to device push messaging on android: Technologies, possibilities and challengesHansen, J; Grønli, T-M; Ghinea, G
2016Towards conceptualizing reverse service supply chainsHe, Q; Ghobadian, A; Gallear, D; Beh, LS; O Regan, N
2008Towards designing a sustainable is-enabled service delivery systemElnaghi, M; Alshawi, SN; Seitanidi, MM
26-May-2019Towards directly formable thin gauge AZ31 Mg alloy sheet production by melt conditioned twin roll castingYang, X; Patel, J; Huang, Y; Mendis, C; Fan, Z
2010Towards dynamic genome scale modelsGilbert, D; Heiner, M; Jaraweera, Y; Rohr, C
2016Towards end-user development of REST client applications on smartphonesMesfin, G; Grønli, TM; Midekso, D; Ghinea, G
2008Towards engineering ontologies for cognitive profiling of agents on the semantic webBasharat, A; Spinelli, G
2013Towards estimating computer users' mood from interaction behaviour with keyboard and mouseKhan, IA; Brinkman, W-P; Hierons, R