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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Weak dual pairs and Jetlet methods for ideal incompressible fluid models in n≥2 dimensionsCotter, CJ; Eldering, J; Holm, DD; Jacobs, HO; Meier, DM
2018Wearable data analysis, visualisation and recommendations on the go using android middlewareAngelides, MC; Wilson, LAC; Echeverría, PLB
2009Wearable performanceBirringer, J; Danjoux, M
1994Weaving a pattern from disparate threads: lamin function in nuclear assembly and DNA replicationHutchison, CJ; Bridger, JM; Cox, LS; Kill, IR
2011Web 2.0 and folksonomies in a library contextAnfinnsen, S; Ghinea, G; de Cesare, S
2009Web 2.0 and knowledge management for local government in England – A model for the public sector?Leask, M
2012Web 2.0 and micro-businesses: An exploratory investigationClear, F; Dyerson, R; Harindranath, G; Harris, L; Rae, A
2008Web 2.0, online communities of practice, professional learning and research impact: Year 1 data from a national initiativeLeask, M; Constable, H
2009Web and knowledge-based decision support system for measurement uncertainty evaluationWei, Peng
2010Web information systems: A study of maintenance, change and flexibilityPeters, Jason Christian
2003A web of stakeholders and strategies: A case of broadband diffusion in South KoreaChoudrie, J; Papazafeiropoulou, A; Lee, H
2018Web on TV - Designing web content for enhanced user experience on an internet-connected television devicePerakakis, Emmanuel
2006A Web Services Component Discovery and Deployment Architecture for Simulation Model ReuseBell, D; de Cesare, S; Lycett, M; Taylor, S J E; Mustafee, N
20-Dec-2018Web services-based knowledge sharing, reuse and integration in the design evaluation of mechanical systemsLiu, J; Zhang, Z; Evans, R; Xie, Y
2006Web-based CBR (case-based reasoning) as a tool with the application to tooling selectionToussaint, J; Cheng, K
2009Web-based information systems development and dynamic organisational change: the need for emergent development toolsRamrattan, M; Patel, NV
2010Web-based interaction: A review of three important human factorsChen, SY; Macredie, R
2016The weekend effect: an exploitable anomaly in the Ukrainian stock market?Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Plastun, A
2010The weekly structure of US stock pricesCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA
2014The Wehrmacht retreats: Fighting a losing war, 1943 by Robert M. Citino: Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2012. Pp. xxviii. 410.Hughes, M