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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Synthesis and characterisation of polyamide 6 blends made by reactive extrusionTung, Joo Fai
2002Synthesis and characterization of a new (phthalocyaninato)bis(carboxylate) silicon(IV) compound with increased solubilitySosa-Sánchez, JL; Galindo, A; Gnecco, D; Bernès, S; Fern, GR; Silver, J; Sosa-Sánchez, A; Enriquez, RG
1994Synthesis and characterization of ceramics in the Ti-B-N-C systemYoon, Su-Jong
2014Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoarticles from extract of Eucalyptus citriodoraQureshi, MZ; Bashir, T; Khursheed, S; Ismail, T; Ayub, M; Reynolds, A; Hussain, G
2013Synthesis and charaterisation of phosphorescent copper (I) complexes for light emitting devicesAndrés-Tomé, María Inmaculada
2018Synthesis and dielectric characterisation of triiodide perovskite methylammonium lead iodide for energy applicationsRay, AK
2017Synthesis and Photo Electrochemical Characterization of an Extended π-Conjugated Heteroleptic Ruthenium (II) ComplexUpadhyaya, H
4-Mar-2014Synthesis of a near-optimal high-gain antenna array with main lobe tilting and null filling using Taguchi initialized invasive weed optimizationZaharis, ZD; Lazaridis, PI; Cosmas, J; Skeberis, C; Xenos, TD
2018Synthesis of continuous whole-body motion in hexapod robot for humanitarian deminingKhudher, Dhayaa Raissan
2015Synthesis of dense bulk MgB2 by an infiltration and growth processBhagurkar, AG; Yamamoto, A; Babu, NH; Durrell, JH; Dennis, AR; Cardwell, DA
2003The synthesis of EMG signals based on considerations of signal spectraGammans, P; Qin, S F; Wright, D K
2015Synthesis of micro- and nanoparticles of metal oxides and their application for reinforcement of Al-based alloysVorozhtsov, S; Zhukov, I; Vorozhtsov, A; Zhukov, A; Eskin, D; Kvetinskaya, A
1999The synthesis of novel porphyrin macrocycles for their use as potential non-linear optical materialsRees, Robert Douglas
2006A synthesis of programming techniques for laser formingSilve, S
2014Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Non-Fouling Microfluidic Devices with Fast MixingBaber, R; Mazzei, L; Thanh, N TK; Gavriilidis, A; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2011Synthesis of time-to-amplitude converter by mean coevolution with adaptive parametersSapargaliyev, Y; Kalganova, T
2012Synthesis of YBa2Cu3O(7-δ) and Y2BaCuO5 nanocrystalline powders for YBCO superconductors using carbon nanotube templatesShi, Y; Hasan, T; Babu, NH; Torrisi, F; Milana, S; Ferrari, AC; Cardwell, DA
2015The Synthesis, Characterisation and Potential of Eu 3+ Doped Molybdate Phosphors for White Light Emitting DiodesLipman, A; Fathullah, M; Stone, R; Fern, G; Ireland, T; Frampton, C; Silver, J
2019Synthesis, characterization and properties of hierarchically assembled antimony oxyhalides nanonetworksKomal, N; Malik, Z; Ali, NZ; Chaudhary, AJ
2016Synthesis, characterization, and performance evaluation of multilayered photoanodes by introducing mesoporous carbon and TiO<inf>2</inf>for humic acid adsorptionHosseini, S; Jahangirian, H; Webster, TJ; Masoudi Soltani, S; Arou, MK