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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D microstructural evolution on solidifying Mg–5Nd–5Zn alloy observed via in situ synchrotron tomographySubroto, T; Mendis, CL; D Elia, F; Szakács, G; Fife, JL; Hort, N; Kainer, KU; Tolnai, D
20113D modelling of angiogenesis and vascular tumour growthPerfahl, H; Byrne, HM; Chen, T; Estrella, V; Alarcon, T; Lapin, A; Gatenby, RA; Gillies, RJ; Lloyd, MC; Maini, PK; Reuss, M; Owen, MR; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
19-Jul-20233D Motion Analysis for the Assessment of Dynamic Coupling in Transtibial Prosthetics: A Proof of ConceptCullen, S; Mackay, R; Mohagheghi, A; Du, X
20113D multiple description coding for error resilience over wireless networksUmar, Abubakar
20113D multiresolution statistical approaches for accelerated medical image and volume segmentationAlzubi, S
20133D packing of balls in different containers by VNSAlkandari, Abdulaziz
20113D pain drawings and seating pressure maps: Relationships and challengesSpyridonis, F; Ghinea, G
20213D Pixel Mapping for LED Holoscpic 3D wall DisplayHuang, Yizhou
15-May-20213D printable lightweight cementitious composites with incorporated waste glass aggregates and expanded microspheres – Rheological, thermal and mechanical propertiesCuevas, K; Chougan, M; Martin, F; Ghaffar, SH; Stephan, D; Sikora, P
20233D printing biopolymer: A comprehensively experimental study of interfacial bonding performanceWang, Yuxuan
9-Jun-20203D printing in COVID-19: Productivity estimation of the most promising open source solutions in emergency situationsSalmi, M; Akmal, JS; Pei, E; Wolff, J; Jaribion, A; Khajavi, SH
20173D printing of highly flexible supercapacitor designed for wearable energy storageAreir, M; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J
19-Apr-20233D printing of limestone-calcined clay cement: A review of its potential implementation in the construction industryAl-Noaimat, YA; Chougan, M; Al-kheetan, MJ; Al-Mandhari, O; Al-Saidi, W; Al-Maqbali, M; Al-Hosni, H; Ghaffar, SH
20183D Printing Set to Transform the Construction IndustryGhaffar, SH
20093D product authenticity model for online retail: An invariance analysisAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
20143D seepage under hydraulic structures provided with intermediate filtersAhmed, AA; McLaughlin, S; Johnston, A
1992The 3D version of the finite element program FESTERQu, R; Reed, M B
20143D-Interactive-depth generation and object segmentation from Holoscopic imageAlazawi, E; Cosmas, J; Swash, MR; Abbod, M; Fatah, OA
20033D-object space reconstruction from planar recorded dataMonaleche Cirstea, S; Kung, SY; McCormick, M; Aggoun, A
20053G networks in emergency telemedicine - An in-depth evaluation & analysisPerakis, K; Konis, G; Koutsouris, D; Banitsas, KA