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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Experimental evaluation of algorithmic solutions for generalized network flow modelsRadzik, T; Yang, S
2001Experimental evaluation of algorithmic solutions for the maximum generalised network flow problemRadzik, T; Yang, S
2014Experimental evaluation of heat transfer coefficient for nanofluidsMenale, Carla; D' annibale, Francesco; Mariani, Andrea; Bubbico, Roberto; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2009Experimental Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Steel Reinforcement at Elevated TemperatureElghazouli, AY; Cashell, KA; Izzuddin, BA; Torero, J
2008Experimental flow boiling study in a 0.52 mm diameter vertical tube using R134aShiferaw, J; Mahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR
2009Experimental investigation and computational modelling of the thermoforming process of thermoplastic starchSong, J; Whiteman, J; Szegda, Damian
2017Experimental investigation and modelling of thermal environment control of air distribution systems for chilled food manufacturing facilitiesParpas, D; Amaris, C; Tassou, SA
2017An experimental investigation into tool wear in micro-drilling of aluminium, aluminium/copper metal alloys and carbon fibre reinforced compositesAu, Y; Ivanov, A; Cheng, Ming-Yi
1986Experimental investigation of an interior search method within a simple frameworkMitra, G; Tamiz, M; Yadeger, J
2015Experimental investigation of CAI combustion in a two-stroke poppet valve DI engineZhao H; Zhang, Yan
2015Experimental Investigation of CO2 Gas Cooler/Condenser in a Refrigeration SystemTsamos, K; Ge; Santosa; Tassou
2016An experimental investigation of cutting temperature and tool wear in 2 dimensional ultrasonic vibrations assisted micro-millingIbrahim, MR; Rahim, Z; Rahim, E; Tobi, L; Cheng, K, et al
2015Experimental investigation of DME assisted gasoline CAI combustion with re-breathing valve strategyZhao, H; Cairns, A; Seo, Kangwoo
2011Experimental investigation of gasoline – Dimethyl Ether dual fuel CAI combustion with internal EGRZhao, H; Ganippa, L; Zhang, Haofan
2014Experimental investigation of hydraulic effects of two-stage fuel injection on fuel-injection systems and diesel combustion in a high-speed optical common-rail diesel engineHerfatmanesh, MR; Zhao, H
2011Experimental investigation of non-uniform heating effect on flow boiling instabilities in a microchannel-based heat sinkBogojevic, D; Sefiane, K; Walton, AJ; Lin, H; Cummins, G, et al
2009Experimental investigation of non-uniform heating on flow boiling instabilities in a microchannels based heat sinkBogojevic, D; Sefiane, K; Walton, AJ; Lin, H; Cummins, G, et al
2016An experimental investigation of properties of Q345 steel pipe at elevated temperaturesYuan, G; Shu, Q; Huang, Z; Li, Q
2005Experimental investigation of real aperture synthetically organised radar for breast cancer detectionCraddock, IJ; Nilavalan, R; Leendertz, J; Preece, A; Benjamin, R
2010Experimental investigation of small diameter two-phase closed thermosyphons charged with water, FC-84, FC-77 and FC-3283Jouhara, H; Robinson, AJ