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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Investigation of Dayem Bridge NanoSQUIDs Made by Xe Focused Ion BeamGodfrey, T; Gallop, JC; Cox, DC; Romans, EJ; Chen, J; Hao, L
2018Investigation of diesel-ethanol and diesel-gasoline dual fuel combustion in a single cylinder optical diesel engineMirmohammadsadeghi, Mahmoudreza
2009An investigation of e-government progress in Oman: A survey of public sector workersWeerakkody, V
2017Investigation of Early and Late Intake Valve Closure Strategies for Load Control in a Spark Ignition Ethanol EngineLanzanova, T; Nora, MD; Zhao, H
2013Investigation of efficient resource allocation schemes for WiMAX networksAli, Usman Ahmed
2013Investigation of energy performance and climate change adaptation strategies of hotels in GreeceFarrou, Ifigenia
2012Investigation of engine design parameters on the efficiency and performance of the high specific power downsized SI engineCoates, Barnaby Paul
2016An investigation of feature weighting algorithms and validation techniques using blind analysis for analogy-based estimationSigweni, Boyce B.
2018Investigation of fullerenol-induced changes in poroelasticity of human hepatocellular carcinoma by AFM-based creep testsZhu, X; Cirovic, S; Shaheen, A; Xu, W
2014Investigation of gasoline partially premixed combustion in a single cylinder optical diesel engineLU, Pin
2006Investigation of grain orientations of melt-textured HTSC with addition of uranium oxide, Y2O3 and Y2BaCuO5Koblischka-Veneva, A; Holzapfel, C; Mücklich, F; Koblischka, MR; Hari Babu, N; Cardwell, DA
2008Investigation of heat transfer in metal-foam tubesLu, Wei
2015An investigation of integrated woven electronic textiles (e-textiles) via design led processesVeja, Priti
2018An investigation of knowledge brokering during service encountersAl Hawamdeh, N; Hackney, RA
1-Jan-2018An investigation of knowledge brokering during service encountersAl Hawamdeh, N; Hackney, RA
2011An investigation of knowledge transfer in information systems (IS) outsourcingAl-Salti, Zahran
2014Investigation of laser induced phosphorescence and fluorescence of acetone at low pressure for molecular tagging velocimetry in gas microflowsSi Hadj Mohand, H; Samouda, F; Barrot, C; Colin, S; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2011Investigation of liquid phase characteristics in an inclined open microchannelAnastasiou, AD; Gavriilidis, A; Mouza, AA; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2015Investigation of mechanical and corrosion properties of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy under various ageing conditions and interface analysis of η' precipitateYang, W; Ji, S; Zhang, Q; Wang, M
25-Oct-2018Investigation of Micro Gas Turbine Systems for High Speed Long Loiter Tactical Unmanned Air SystemsLarge, J; Pesyridis, A