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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006GAA repeat expansion mutation mouse models of Friedreich ataxia exhibit oxidative stress leading to progressive neuronal and cardiac pathologyPook, MA; Al-Mahdawi, S; Mouro Pinto, R
2006The GAA triplet-repeat is unstable in the context of the human FXN locus and displays age-dependent expansions in cerebellum and DRG in a transgenic mouse modelPook, MA; Clark, RM; De Biase, I; Al-Mahdawi, S; Malykhina, AP; Bidichandani, S
2008Gadd45β promotes hepatocyte survival during liver regeneration in mice by modulating JNK signalingZazzeroni, F; Fu, Y-X; Bubici, C; Alvarez, K; Dean, K; Christiansen, PA; Anders, RA; Franzoso, G
13-Oct-2017Gadflies biting science communication: engagement, tricksters and ambivalence onlineMendel, J; Riesch, H
2013Gain-constrained recursive filtering with stochastic nonlinearities and probabilistic sensor delaysHu, J; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Gao, H
28-May-2019Gain-Sharing in Urban Consolidation CentersHezarkhani, B; Slikker, M; Van Woensel, T
1999Gaining commitment in a numerical flexibility situationZeppou, Mary
25-Oct-2021Gait analyses of parkinson’s disease patients using multiscale entropyHsieh, YL; Abbod, MF
2018Gait Recognition Based on 3D Holoscopic Gait Energy ImageBoulgouris, NV; Swash, R
2013Gait recognition using HMMs and dual discriminative observations for sub-dynamics analysisBoulgouris, NV; Huang, X
2012Gait recognition with shifted energy image and structural feature extractionHuang, X; Boulgouris, NV
11-Nov-2021Gait speed and adverse outcomes following hospitalised exacerbation of COPDWalsh, JA; Barker, RE; Kon, SSC; Jones, SE; Banya, W; Nolan, CM; Patel, S; Polgar, O; Haselden, BM; Polkey, MI; Cullinan, P; Man, WDC
2018Gait Stability in Older Adults during Level-ground Walking: The Attentional Focus ApproachMak, T; Young, W; Chan, D; Wong, T
1-Dec-2016Gambling disorder and suicidality within the UK: an analysis investigating mental health and gambling severity as risk factors to suicidalityCheeta, S; Roberts, KJ; Smith, N; Bowden-Jones, H
2004A game demonstrating aspects of bumblebee natural historyWestgarth-Smith, AR
17-Dec-2020Game for Complete Care: A Means of Connecting ‘User-Centered Design’ with SustainabilityDong, H; Jiang, Y; Jachna, TJ
2011A game theory approach to mixed H2/H∞ control for a class of stochastic time-varying systems with randomly occurring nonlinearitiesMa, L; Wang, Z; Bo, Y; Guo, Z
2013Game theory for dynamic spectrum sharing cognitive radioRaoof, Omar
8-Jul-2020Games and PlayersCarbone, MB; Ivanescu, A
2009Gamma flicker triggers attentional selection without awarenessBauer, F; Cheadle, SW; Parton, A; Mueller, HJ; Usher, M