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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009k-L(2, 1)-labelling for planar graphs is NP-complete for k>=4Eggemann, N; Havet, F; Noble, S D
25-Feb-2022K-nearest neighbor estimation of functional nonparametric regression model under NA samplesHu, X; Wang, J; Wang, L; Yu, K
2012Kala defanged: Managing power in Java away from the centreBeatty, A
2015Kalman filtering for discrete stochastic systems with multiplicative noises and random two-step sensor delaysChen, D; Yu, Y; Xu, L; Liu, X
2018Kant with Sade-
2012Kant's philosophy of the aesthetic and the philosophy of praxisWayne, M
2012Kanter revisited: Gender, power and (in)visibilityLewis, P; Simpson, R
2010Karl Polanyi and Oszkar Jászi: Liberal socialism, the aster revolution and the TanácsköztársaságDale, G
2018Karl Polanyi in BudapestDale, G
2009Karl Polanyi in Budapest: On his political and intellectual formationDale, G
14-Nov-2020Karl Polanyi, the New Deal, and the Green New DealDale, G
2008Karl Polanyi’s the great transformation: Perverse effects, protectionism and gemeinschaftDale, G
2014Karnatic rhythmical structures as a source for new thinking in western musicReina, Rafael
2018Kashmir as Movement and MultitudeAijazi, O
22-Aug-2020Kastrierte PrinzessinThadeusz, F
15-Oct-2021KAT2A complexes ATAC and SAGA play unique roles in cell maintenance and identity in hematopoiesis and leukemiaArede, L; Foerner, E; Wind, S; Kulkarni, R; Domingues, AF; Giotopoulos, G; Kleinwaechter, S; Mollenhauer-Starkl, M; Davison, H; Chandru, A; Asby, R; Samarista, R; Gupta, S; Forte, D; Curti, A; Scheer, E; Huntly, B; Tora, L; Pina, C
2008‘Keeping it real’: the politics of Channel 4's multiculturalism, mainstreaming and mandatesMalik, S
20-Mar-2017‘Keeping the axe workshop going’: Australian manufacturing and the hidden maintenance of historical practicesStein, JA; Simpson, AV; Berti, M; Hermens, A
2016Keeping the Germans out of the straits: The five ottoman dreadnought thesis reconsideredSeligmann, M
2010Kernel quantile-based estimation of expected shortfallYU, K; Allay, A; Yang, S; Hand, D