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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016'L'incidenza del Diritto Internazionale sull'Attuale Quadro Normativo'Natile, Serena
5-Nov-2020L'Italia del Simulmondo. Caratteri nazionali e transnazionali dell'industria italiana del videogiocoCarbone, MB
2016L1 track finding for a time multiplexed triggerCieri, D; Brooke, J; Grimes, M; Newbold, D; Harder, K; Shepherd-Themistocleous, C; Tomalin, I; Vichoudis, P; Reid, I; Iles, G; Hall, G; James, T; Pesaresi, M; Rose, A; Tapper, A; Uchida, K
6-Sep-2018L1-Penalized Censored Gaussian Graphical ModelAugugliaro, L; Abbruzzo, A; Vinciotti, V
2009La bambola di carneBirringer, J
23-Aug-2021La dialectique du blasphème: De Luther à Freud et au-delàNobus, DM
2012La liberté d’expression en Russie : journalistes, artistes et écrivains persécutésPolymenopoulou, E
2016La lógica de la pacificación: Guerra-policía-acumulaciónNeocleous, MA
2010La vidéosurveillance au Royaume-Uni: la caméra omniprésente, signe d’une évolution vers une « société de surveillance » ? (CCTV in Great Britain: the omnipresent CCTV camera, sign of an evolution towards a “surveillance society” ?)Giannoulopoulos, D
2014Lab-on-Chip for Testing Myelotoxic Effect of Drugs and ChemicalsRasponi, M; Gazaneo, A; Bonomi, A; Occhetta, P; Cavicchini, L; Cocce, V; Fiore, GB; Pessina, A; Redaelli, A; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2-Nov-2020Labechia carbonaria Smith 1932 in the Early Carboniferous of England; affinity, palaeogeographic position and implications for the geological history of stromatoporoid-type spongesKershaw, S; Sendino, C
15-Sep-2020Labelling nutrition sensitive food chains: a consumer preference analysis of milk productsWesana, J; Gellynck, X; Dora, M; Muyama, L; Mutenyo, E; Ahikiriza, E; Kagambe, E; De Steur, H
2010Laboratory and field trials evaluation of transmit delay Diversity applied to DVB-T/H networksDi Bari, Raffaele
22-Jan-2021Laboratory and numerical investigation of saline intrusion in fractured coastal aquifersEtsias, G; Hamill, GA; Campbell, D; Straney, R; Benner, EM; Águila, JF; McDonnell, MC; Ahmed, AA; Flynn, R
24-Nov-2021Laboratory and Numerical Study of Saltwater Upconing in Fractured Coastal AquifersEtsias, G; Hamill, GA; Thomson, C; Kennerley, S; Águila, JF; Benner, EM; McDonnell, MC; Ahmed, AA; Flynn, R
2017Laboratory experimental investigation of heat transport in fractured mediaCherubini, C; Pastore, N; Giasi, CI; Allegretti, NM
2008Laboratory measurement campaign of DVB-T signal with transmit delay diversityDi Bari, R; Bard, M; Zhang, Y; Nasr, KM; Cosmas, J; Loo, KK; Nilavalan, R; Shirazi, H; Krishnapillai, K
2015Laboratory Studies on Granular Filters and Their Relationship to Geotextiles for Stormwater Pollutant ReductionPaul, P; Tota-Maharaj, K
28-Nov-2017Laboratory study on submarine debris flowYin, M; Rui, Y
25-Nov-2020A laboratory study to assess the formation of effluent volatile compounds and disinfection by-products during chemomechanical preparation of infected root canals and application of activated carbon for their removalIoannidis, K; Batty, C; Turner, C; Smith, D; Mannocci, F; Deb, S