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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2018N-Step MPC for Systems With Persistent Bounded Disturbances Under SCPSong, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Wei, G
1998N=2 central charge superspace and a minimal supergravity multipletAkemann, G; Grimm, R; Hasler, M; Herrmann, C
2017Naltrexone Blocks Endorphins Released when Dancing in SynchronyTarr, B; Launay, J; Benson, C; Dunbar, RIM
2001The Name of the Game: A Review of Sexual Exploitation of GirlsBringer, JD; Brackenridge, CH; Johnston, LH
2011Nano fingerprints : Gathering intelligenceJones, B
28-Oct-2016Nano-cathodoluminescence reveals the effect of electron damage on the optical properties of nitride optoelectronics and the damage thresholdGriffiths, JT; Zhang, S; Lhuillier, J; Zhu, D; Fu, WY; Howkins, A; Boyd, I; Stowe, D; Wallis, DJ; Humphreys, CJ; Oliver, RA
2006Nano-composite single grain YBa2Cu3O 7-δ/Y2Ba4CuBiOy bulk superconductorsHari Babu, N; Liu, C; Iida, K; Cardwell, DA
2008Nano-scale analysis of titanium dioxide fingerprint-development powdersReynolds, AJ; Jones, BJ; Sears, V; Bowman, V
2010Nano-scale composition of commercial white powders for development of latent fingerprints on adhesivesJones, BJ; Reynolds, AJ; Richardson, M; Sears, VG
2010Nano-yarn carbon nanotube fiber based enzymatic glucose biosensorZhu, Z; Song, W; Burugapalli, K; Moussy, F; Li, Y-L; Zhong, X-H
2011NanoAPC deliver antigen, IL-2 and co-stimulatory molecules to antigen specific T cells and activate viral specific T cells in chronic infectionsLiu, Mengya
2015Nanocathodoluminescence reveals mitigation of the stark shift in InGaN quantum wells by Si dopingGriffiths, JT; Zhang, S; Rouet-Leduc, B; Fu, WY; Bao, A; Zhu, D; Wallis, DJ; Howkins, A; Boyd, I; Stowe, D; Kappers, MJ; Humphreys, CJ; Oliver, RA
2019Nanoclay synergy in flame retarded glass reinforced polypropylene/polyamide 6 blendShamas, Ahmed
2018Nanodiamonds for device applications: An investigation of the properties of boron-doped detonation nanodiamondsHowkins, A; Boyd, IW; Jackman, RB
8-May-2018Nanoengineering ABO3 Active Sites from low-energy routes (TX100-stabilised Water-in-Oil Microemulsions, Surface Segregation and Surface Complexation on Colloidal AlOOH/Sol-gel Al2O3 Surfaces) for Pollution Control CatalysisWorsley, MP; Forrest, PN; Roesch, S; Thatcher, C; Sermon, PA; Kaur, P
2016Nanoengineering the antibacterial activity of biosynthesized nanoparticles of TiO<inf>2</inf>, Ag and Au and their nanohybrids with Portobello mushroom spores (PMS) (TiO<inf>x</inf>/PMS, Ag/PMS and Au/PMS) and making them optically self-indicatingJaffer Al-Timini, IA; Sermon, PA; Burghal, AA; Salih, AA; Alrubaya, IMN
2014Nanofluid flow and heat transfer in channel entrance regionLiu, JTC; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
28-Jan-2020Nanoindentation and Cavitation-Induced Fragmentation Study of Primary Al<inf>3</inf>Zr Intermetallics Formed in Al AlloysPriyadarshi, A; Subroto, T; Conte, M; Pericelous, K; Eskin, D; Prentice, P; Tzanakis, I
23-Dec-2021Nanomechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of rubber–wood–plastic compositesZhou, Y; Hui, D; Wang, Y; Fan, M
2014Nanoparticles distribution and mechanical properties of aluminum-matrix nano-composites treated with external fieldsTamayo-Ariztondo, J; Vadakke Madam, S; Djan, E; Eskin, DG; Hari Babu, N; Fan, Z