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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Wage losses in the year after breast cancer: Extent and determinants among Canadian womenLauzier, S; Maunsell, E; Drolet, M; Coyle, D; Hébert-Croteau, N; Brisson, J; Mâsse, B; Abdous, B; Robidoux, A; Robert, J
2014Waist circumference provides an indication of numerous cardiometabolic risk factors in adults with cerebral palsyRyan, JM; Crowley, VE; Hensey, O; McGahey, A; Gormley, J
2010Walking in London: The fiction of Neil Bartlett, Sarah Waters and Alan HollinghurstCleminson, Julie
2019Walking methodologies in a more-than-human world: Walking labPeyrefitte, M
2018Walking the Thin Edge: The Dark Side of Brand Communities and CollectingFerreira, M; Chung, E; Scaraboto, D
2009Wall shear stress and arterial performance: two approaches based on engineeringCollins, MW; Koenig, CS; Atherton, MA
2011Wall shear stress and low density lipoprotein concentration in stented arteriesSoulis, JV; Fytanidis, DK; Seralidou, KV; Karagkiozaki, VC; Giannoglou, GD; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2014Wally Olins (1930–2014), corporate identity ascendancy and corporate brand hegemony. Celebrating the life of Wally Olins: Leading corporate identity exponent and prominent brand proponentBalmer, JMT
2017Wally Olins 1930-2014Balmer, JMT
2012Walt Disney's world: Homunculus, Apparatus, UtopiaHarrington, Sean
1990Wants, needs & interestsDowding, KM
2017War and Conflict in the Early Modern World, 1500-1700Hughes, M
2014The war of positions: football in post-conflict Bosnia-HerzegovinaVest, Emily Kate
2017The Wardrobe Goods of Anna of Denmark, Queen Consort of Scotland and England (1574-1619)Field, J
2017Warp and WeftRiley, CJ
2014Warriors of the rainbow nation: South African rugby after apartheidNiehaus, I
2014Wars are becoming less frequent: A response to Harrison and WolfGleditsch, KS; Pickering, S
2015Was feist a catalyst for the structure of database directive? : A legal exploration of the implications of the feist decisionGupta, Indranath
1-Apr-2017Was that a threat? Attentional biases by signals of threatPreciado, D; Munneke, J; Theeuwes, J
18-Mar-2019Waste Heat Recovery in the EU industry and proposed new technologiesAgathokleous, R; Bianchi, G; Panayiotou, G; Arestia, L; Argyrou, MC; Georgiou, GS; Tassou, S; Jouhara, H; Kalogirou, SA; Florides, GA; Christodoulides, P