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Title: Zeta Potential of Modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Presence of poly (vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel
Authors: de la Cruz, EF
Zheng, Y
Torres, E
Li, W
Song, W
Burugapalli, K
Keywords: PVA;MWCNT;CTAB;SDS;Zeta potential
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Electrochemical Science Group
Citation: International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 7: 3577 - 3590, (2012)
Abstract: The main objective of this study is investigate the behavior of the Zeta Potential of the MWCNT modified with SDS(Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate) and CTAB(Cetyl Tetraethyl Ammonium Bromide) in presence of PVA. Full hydrolyzed PVA was used. As a result, adding PVA in the CNT solution led to decrease the Zeta Potential. The Zeta Potential of suspended colloid varied from 42.00mV to 6.48mV and -45.00mV to -6.4mV at 1.5% concentration of PVA; according with the changing pH, the Zeta Potential dropped to near zero at pH 3 and 11. The pH and PVA has strong influence in the reduction of ZP of MWCNT solution. MWCNT-PVA solution with 33.30mV, -35.69mV at 0.01% of PVA was exposed under AC field; a uniform coat was obtained, with the SDS-MWCNT-PVA solution.
ISSN: 1452-3981
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