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Title: A casting classification and coding system suitable for a CIMS in casting production
Authors: Ji, S
Vuorinen, J
Fan, Z
Keywords: Casting;Managment;Classification;Coding systems;CIMS
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: IOM
Citation: International Journal of Casting Metals Research, 12, (6): pp. 161 - 165, (1999)
Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive casting classification and coding system for the casting production industry. The general structure of the system is suitable for every joint within CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System). It is a hierarchical and flexible structured system. The first hierarchy, describing general information about the casting, is called the comprehensive code for first stage code and it consists of 15 codes, of which the first 9 digits are fixed codes and the latter 6 digits/characters, which concern process characteristics of castings, are flexible codes. the second hierarchy, called the second stage code, is used to describe the shape characteristics of the casting and its gating system in detail. the main structure and the realisation method used in this casting classification and coding system are also introduced.
ISSN: 1364-0461
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