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Title: Characterisation of the muon beams for the muon ionisation cooling experiment
Authors: Adams, D
Collaboration, M
Adey, D
Alekou, A
Apollonio, M
Asfandiyarov, R
Back, J
Barber, G
Barclay, P
De Bari, A
Bayes, R
Palladino, V
Palmer, RB
Pasternak, J
Pastore, F
Pidcott, C
Popovic, M
Preece, R
Prestemon, S
Rajaram, D
Ramberger, S
Bayliss, V
Rayner, MA
Ricciardi, S
Richards, A
Roberts, TJ
Robinson, M
Rogers, C
Ronald, K
Rubinov, P
Rucinski, R
Rusinov, I
Bertoni, R
Sakamoto, H
Sanders, DA
Santos, E
Savidge, T
Smith, PJ
Snopok, P
Soler, FJP
Stanley, T
Summers, DJ
Takahashi, M
Blackmore, VJ
Tarrant, J
Taylor, I
Tortora, L
Torun, Y
Tsenov, R
Tunnell, CD
Vankova, G
Verguilov, V
Virostek, SP
Vretenar, M
Blondel, A
Walaron, K
Watson, S
White, C
Whyte, CG
Wilson, A
Wisting, H
Zisman, MS
Blot, S
Bogomilov, M
Bonesini, M
Booth, CN
Bowring, D
Boyd, S
Bradshaw, TW
Bravar, U
Bross, AD
Capponi, M
Carlisle, T
Cecchet, G
Charnley, G
Cobb, JH
Colling, D
Collomb, N
Coney, L
Cooke, P
Courthold, M
Cremaldi, LM
DeMello, A
Dick, AJ
Dobbs, A
Dornan, P
Fayer, S
Filthaut, F
Fish, A
Fitzpatrick, T
Fletcher, R
Forrest, D
Francis, V
Freemire, B
Fry, L
Gallagher, A
Gamet, R
Gourlay, S
Grant, A
Graulich, JS
Griffiths, S
Hanlet, P
Hansen, OM
Hanson, GG
Harrison, P
Hart, TL
Hartnett, T
Hayler, T
Heidt, C
Hills, M
Hodgson, P
Hunt, C
Iaciofano, A
Ishimoto, S
Kafka, G
Kaplan, DM
Karadzhov, Y
Kim, YK
Kolev, D
Kuno, Y
Kyberd, P
Lau, W
Leaver, J
Leonova, M
Li, D
Lintern, A
Littlefield, M
Long, K
Lucchini, G
Luo, T
Macwaters, C
Martlew, B
Martyniak, J
Middleton, S
Moretti, A
Moss, A
Muir, A
Mullacrane, I
Nebrensky, JJ
Neuffer, D
Nichols, A
Nicholson, R
Nugent, JC
Onel, Y
Orestano, D
Overton, E
Owens, P
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer
Citation: European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields, 73, (10), ARTN 2582, pp. ? - ? (2013)
Abstract: A novel single-particle technique to measure emittance has been developed and used to characterise seventeen different muon beams for the Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment (MICE). The muon beams, whose mean momenta vary from 171 to 281MeV/c, have emittances of approximately 1.2–2.3p mm-rad horizontally and 0.6–1.0p mm-rad vertically, a horizontal dispersion of 90–190mm and momentum spreads of about 25MeV/c. There is reasonable agreement between the measured parameters of the beams and the results of simulations. The beams are found to meet the requirements of MICE.
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