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Title: Economical design of a two-axis tracking system for solar collectors
Authors: Gaafar, AE
Zobaa, AF
Keywords: Solar;Renewable;Two-Axis tracking;Parabolic
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IET
Citation: 5th IET Renewable Power Generation Conference (RPG 2016), London, 21 - 23 September, (2016)
Abstract: Renewable energy is an infinite non-polluting source of energy that plays a major role in saving the diminishing fossil fuel reserves and substantially cutting greenhouse gases. However, the initial cost of materials and the relatively low efficiency increase the price per kilowatt hour of the generated electricity, which acts as an obstacle against the global propagation of most types of renewable energy systems. Solar trackers can be used to overcome this obstacle by increasing the efficiency and maximising the energy gain of a solar system throughout the day. In this study, a novel cost-effective, power-saving and extremely accurate Two-Axis Solar Tracking System was designed, built and examined in real-time operation under various test conditions. The tracker was installed on a specially fabricated Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) with a unique structural design that allows both vertical and horizontal orientations. The PTC underwent testing under two conditions; fixed and under Two-Axis Solar Tracking control. In both conditions, the tests were performed under flow and no-flow states. The Two-Axis Tracking was exceptionally accurate and precise with smooth slow-motion orientation throughout the day. The test measurements were very convenient compared to the size of the parabola. The design proved to offer a significant boost in the overall energy gain of the collector.
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