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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Retinal Image Analysis: From Fundus Imagesto OCT ImagesLi, Y
2019Type 1 fuzzy function approach based on ridge regression for forecastingBas, E; Egrioglu, E; Yolcu, U; Grosan, C
18-May-2019ISPH–PBD: coupled simulation of incompressible fluids and deformable bodiesAburumman, N; Nair, P; Müller, P; Barthe, L; Vanderhaeghe, D
2019Co-citation analysis of literature in e-science and e-infrastructuresMustafee, N; Bessis, N; Taylor, SJE; Hou, J; Matthew, P
11-Feb-2019Access control in the Internet of Things: a survey of existing approaches and open research questionsBertin, Emmanuel; Hussein, Dina; Sengul, Cigdem; Frey, Vincent
15-Feb-2020Detecting Java Software Similarities by using Different Clustering TechniquesCapiluppi, A; Di Ruscio, D; Di Rocco, J; Nguyen, PT; Ajienka, N
11-Feb-2020Lexical content as a cooperation aide: a study based on Java softwareCapiluppi, A; Ajienka, N
2020Assessing Software Defection Prediction Performance: Why Using the Matthews Correlation Coefficient MattersShepperd, Martin; Yao, Jingxiu
7-Oct-2019Online Social Network Security Awareness: Mass Interpersonal Persuasion using a Facebook AppIkhalia, E; Serrano, A; Bell, D; Louvieris, P
2020Using Bayesian Networks to investigate the influence of Arctic Amplification on midlatitude North Atlantic circulationHarwood, N; Tucker, A; Hall, R; Di Capua, G; Russell, A