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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A New Sparse Linear Array With Three-Level Nested StructureChen, M; Gan, L; Wang, W
2017Coprime Sensing with Quadratic IntegersLi, C; Gan, L; Ling, C
2018Feature Extraction-based Real-Time Transient Stability AnalysisSaunders, CS; Alamuti, MM; Pisica, I; Taylor, G; Liu, Y; Liu, J
1-May-2018A Modified Algorithm based on the Equal-Areas PWM for the Extend of Linear Operation of a Microprocessor-Controlled PWM-VSIPaterakis, FK; Nafpaktitis, D; Darwish, M; Grigorios, KE
2019Investigating 3D holoscopic visual content upsampling using super resolution for cultural heritage digitizationBelhi, A; Bouras, A; Alfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Sadka, AH
9-Apr-2019Reported needs of information resources, research tools, connectivity and infrastructure among African Pharmacological Scientists to improve future patient care and health.Ogunleye, OO; Fadare, JO; Eriksen, J; Oaiya, O; Massele, A; Truter, I; Taylor, SJE; Godman, B; Gustafsson, LL
30-Apr-2019MAUS: the MICE analysis user softwareAsfandiyarov, R; Bayes, R; Blackmore, V; Bogomilov, M; Coiling, D; Dobbs, AJ; Drielsma, F; Drews, M; Ellis, M; Fedorov, M; Franchini, P; Gardener, R; Greis, JR; Hanlet, PM; Heidt, C; Hunt, C; Kafka, G; Karadzhov, Y; Kurup, A; Kyberd, P; Littlefield, M; Liu, A; Long, K; Maletic, D; Martyniak, J; Middleton, S; Mohayai, T; Nebrensky, JJ; Nugent, JC; Overton, E; Pec, V; Pidcott, CE; Rajaram, D; Rayner, M; Reid, ID; Rogers, CT; Santos, E; Savic, M; Taylor, I; Torun, Y; Tunnell, CD; Uchida, MA; Verguilov, V; Walaron, K; Winter, M; Wilbur, S
22-Nov-2018Power Switching Device Losses - Simulation and Non-Simulation Methods of CalculationsMohanram, S; Darwish, M; Marouchos, C
22-Nov-2018Optimisation and Simulation of RC Time Constants in Snubber CircuitsMohanram, S; Darwish, M; Marouchos, C