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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comment on ‘Adiabatic shear instability is not necessary for adhesion in cold spray’Assadi, H; Gaertner, F; Klassen, T; Kreye, H
2018Effect of Feedstock Powder Morphology on Cold-Sprayed Titanium Dioxide CoatingsHajipour, H; Abdollah-zadeh, A; Assadi, H; Taheri-Nassaj, E; Jahed, H
7-Mar-2019The effect of traverse speed on deposition efficiency of cold sprayed Stellite 21Seraj, RA; Abdollah-zadeh, A; Dosta, S; Canales, H; Assadi, H; Garcia Cano, I
27-Mar-2019The role of deposition sequence in cold spraying of dissimilar materialsNikbakht, R; Seyedein, SH; Kheirankish, S; Assadi, H; Jodoin, B
2019Comparison of Stellite coatings on low carbon steel produced by CGS and HVOF sprayingSeraj, RA; Abdollah-zadeh, A; Dosta, S; Assadi, H; Garcia Cano, I
14-Mar-2018Asymmetrical Bonding in Cold Spraying of Dissimilar MaterialsNikbakht, R; Seyedein, SH; Kheirandish, S; Assadi, H; Jodoin, B
16-Jan-2018A Review of Advanced Composite and Nanostructured Coatings by Solid-State Cold Spraying ProcessLi, W; Assadi, H; Gaertner, F; Yin, S
2017Influence of thermal properties and temperature of substrates on the quality of cold-sprayed depositsArabgol, Z; Villa Vidaller, M; Assadi, H; Gaertner, F; Klassen, T
2017A Phase-field Study of Grain Refinement: Role of Number Density of Inoculant ParticlesGao, F; Assadi, H; Fan, Z