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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Prospects of in-situ α-Al2O3 as an inoculant in Aluminium- a feasibility studyNadendla, HB; Eskin, D
2017Influence of ultrasonic treatment on the formation of primary Al3Zr in an Al-0.4 Zr alloyWang, F; Eskin, D; Connolley, T; Mi, J
2017Ultrafast synchrotron X-ray imaging studies of microstructure fragmentation in solidification under ultrasoundTan, D; Lee, TL; Khong, JC; Wang, F; Eskin, D; Connolley, T; Fezzaa, K; Mi, J
-Prospects of in-situ α-Al2O3 as an inoculant in Aluminium- a feasibility studySreekumar, VM; Nadendla, HB; Eskin, D
-Overview of ultrasonic degassing developmentEskin, D
2017Ultrasonic Effect on the Penetration of the Metallic Melt into Submicron Particles and Their AgglomeratesKudryashova, OB; Eskin, D; Khrustalyov, AP; Vorozhtsov, SA
2018The formation of Fe-Cu composite based on bimetallic nanoparticlesLozhkomoev, AS; Lerner, MI; Pervikov, AV; Naidenkin, EV; Mishin, IP; Vorozhtsov, AB; Apkarian, AS; Eskin, D
2018Microstructure and elevated temperature mechanical properties of a direct-chill cast AA4032 alloy with copper and erbium additionsChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Patakham, U; Limmaneevichitr, C
5-Dec-2018Influence of scandium fluoride on the structure and phase composition of Al-Si alloyKhrustalev, A; Vorozhtsov, A; Kazantseva, L; Promakhov, V; Kalashnikov, M; Eskin, D; Kurzina, I
2019Understanding the highly dynamic phenomena in ultrasonic melt processing by ultrafast synchrotron x-ray imagingMi, J; Eskin, D; Connolley, T; Fezzaa, K