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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2017Refinement of eutectic microstructure in quaternary Al-Cu-Si-Mg alloysCai, Q; Fan, Z; Zhu, X; Zhang, Y; Gao, F; Chang, I
10-Feb-2019Numerical study of the mixture formation and stratified-flame-induced auto-ignition (SFI) combustion processes in a poppet-valve two-stroke direct injection gasoline engineHe, BQ; Lin, CL; Li, X; Wang, X; Zhao, H; Zhang, Y
4-Aug-2018Variation improvement of mechanical properties of Mg-9Al-1Zn alloy with melt conditioned high pressure die castingZhang, Y; Patel, JB; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
2-Aug-2019Behaviour of continuous reinforced concrete floor slabs subjected to different compartment firesWang, Y; Duan, Y; Ma, S; Huang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Yuan, G; Zhou, M; Zhang, G
2019Improve mechanical properties of high pressure die cast Al9Si3Cu alloy via dislocation enhanced precipitationZhang, Y; Wang, S; Lordan, E; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
18-Oct-2017High performance gravity cast Al9Si0.45Mg0.4Cu alloy inoculated with AlB<inf>2</inf>and TiB<inf>2</inf>Dong, X; Zhang, Y; Amirkhanlou, S; Ji, S
2020Influence of porosity characteristics on the variability in mechanical properties of high pressure die casting (HPDC) AlSi7MgMn alloysEwan, L; Kun, D; Shihao, W; Zhongyun, F; Zhang, Y
4-Mar-2020Noise Exposure on Human Cochlea During Cochleostomy Formation Using Conventional and a Hand Guided Robotic DrillDu, X; Zhang, Y; Boulgouris, N; Brett, PN; Mitchell-Innes, A; Coulson, C; Irving, R; Begg, P
14-Feb-2020On the relationship between internal porosity and the tensile ductility of aluminium alloy die-castingsLordan, E; Lazaro-Nebreda, J; Zhang, Y; Dou, K; Blake, P; Fan, Z
25-Aug-2020High as-cast strength die-cast AlSi9Cu2Mg alloy prepared by nanoparticle strengthening with industrially acceptable ductilityDong, X; Youssef, H; Zhu, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Ji, S