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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Measurement and kinetics of elemental and atomic potassium release from a burning biomass pelletLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Xia, J; Vervisch, L; Wan, K; He, Y; Whiddon, R; Bahai, H; Cen, K
2018Experimental and Numerical Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Welding in a Lined PipeObeid, O; Alfano, G; Bahai, H; Jouhara, H
2018Modification of the LSMPS Method for the conservation of the thermal energy in laser irradiation processesTanaka, M; Cardoso, RP; Bahai, H
2019A New Material Model for Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Steels in FireZhou, M; Cardoso, RP; Bahai, H
2020A thermo-mechanical analysis of stainless steel structures in fireZhou, M; Cardoso, RP; Bahai, H; Usmani, A
23-Dec-2017Simulation of thermal shock cracking in ceramics using bond-based peridynamics and FEMGiannakeas, IN; Papathanasiou, TK; Bahai, H
2017Finite element analysis of heat transfer in thin multilayered platesPapathanasiou, T; Khazaeinejad, P; Bahai, H
2020Coupling XFEM and Peridynamics for Brittle Fracture Simulation - Part II: Adaptive Relocation StrategyGiannakeas, I; Papathanasiou, T; Fallah Soleiman, A; Bahai, H
2020On the computational derivation of bond-based peridynamic stress tensorSoleiman Fallah, A; Giannakeas, IN; Mella, R; Wenman, MR; Safa, Y; Bahai, H