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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Consensus Statement - Loneliness in Older Adults, the 21st Century Social Determinant of Health?O’Sullivan, R; Prohaska, T; Burholt, V; Burns, A; Golden, J; Hawkley, L; Lawlor, B; Leavey, G; Lubben, J; Perissinotto, C; van Tilburg, T; Tully, M; Victor, C; Fried, L
2020Loneliness in mid-life and older adults from ethnic minority communities in England and Wales: measure validation and prevalence estimatesVictor, Christina R.; Dobbs, Christine; Gilhooly, Kenneth; Burholt, Vanessa
2020Kitchen-related tasks used in occupational therapy during rehabilitation of adults with acquired brain injury: a systematic reviewMohapatra, S; Kulnik, ST
2019Grip strength and pen pressure are not key contributors to handwriting difficulties in children with Developmental Coordination DisorderPrunty, M; Pratt, AL; Raman, E; Simmons, L; Steele-Bobat, F
8-Jul-2020Nurses’ ability to timely activate rapid response systems for deteriorating patients: A comparative case scenario study between Finnish and British nursesAzimirad, M; Magnusson, C; Wiseman, A; Selander, T; Parvainen, I; Turunun, H
30-Jul-2020Mindfulness for smoking cessation - Review protocolJackson, S; Brown, J; West, R; Norris, E; Livingstone-Banks, J; Lindson, N
2020What is intersectionality and why is it important in oral health research?Muirhead, V; Milner, A; Freeman, R; Doughty, J; Macdonald, ME
26-Jun-2020Computed tomography coronary angiography for patients with heart failure (CTA-HF): a randomized controlled trial (IMAGE-HF 1C)Chow, BJW; Coyle, D; Hossain, A; Laine, M; Hanninen, H; Ukkonen, H; Rajda, M; Larose, E; Hartikainen, J; Mielniczuk, L; Kass, M; Connelly, KA; O'Meara, E; Garrard, L; Bishop, H; Small, G; Hedman, M; Coyle, K; Yla-Herttuala, S; Knuuti, J; Wells, GA; Beanlands, RS
31-Jul-2020Visuomotor control of walking in Parkinson’s disease: Exploring possible links between conscious movement processing and freezing of gaitHardeman, LES; Kal, EC; Young, WR; van der Kamp, J; Ellmers, TJ
2020Prevalence and determinants of loneliness in people living with dementia: findings from the IDEAL programmeVictor, C; Rippon, I; Nelis, S; Martyr, A; Litherland, R; Pickett, J; Hart, N; Henley, J; Mathews, F; Clare, L