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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Molecular isolation and characterization of the kisspeptin system, KISS and GPR54 genes in roach Rutilus rutilus.Geraudie, P; Gerbron, M; Lockyer, AE; Jobling, S; Minier, C
2019Scientific Integrity Issues in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: improving research reproducibility, credibility, and transparency.Mebane, CA; Sumpter, JP; Fairbrother, A; Augspurger, TP; Canfield, TJ; Goodfellow, WL; Guiney, PD; LeHuray, A; Maltby, L; Mayfield, DB; McLaughlin, MJ; Ortego, L; Schlekat, T; Scroggins, RP; Verslycke, TA
2019The Effect of Brain Breaks on Physical Activity Behaviour Among Primary School Children: A Transtheoretical PerspectiveKuan, G
2019CRISPR-Cas9 causes chromosomal instability and re-arrangements in cancer cell lines, detectable by cytogenetic methodsLewis, A
Dec-2019Perceiving the emotions of PokémonJennings, B
2019Meeting Report of the 16th International Congress of Radiation Research and the 12th International Symposium on Chromosomal Aberrations.Anderson, R; Williams, K; Jeggo, P; Hammond, E; West, C; Badie, C
2019MLL-rearranged acute leukemia with t(4;11)(q21;q23) - current treatment options. Is there a role for CAR-T cell therapy?Britten, O; Ragusa, D; Tosi, M; Mostafa Kamel, Y
2019Development, characterisation and in vitro evaluation of lanthanide-based FPR2/ALX-targeted imaging probesBoltersdorf, T; Ansari, J; Senchenkova, E; Jiang, L; White, AJP; Coogan, M; Gavins, F; Long, NJ
2019Als Herr Jesus Christus die Psychoanalyse empfiehlt: Freud, Simmel und Prinzessin Alice von Battenberg im Kurhaus Schloß TegelNobus, DM
2019Reexamining the effect of gustatory disgust on moral judgment: A multi-lab direct replication of Eskine, Kacinik, and Prinz (2011)Ghelfi, E; Christopherson, CD; Urry, HL; Lenne, RL; Legate, N; Fischer, MA; Wagemans, FMA; Wiggins, B; Barrett, T; Bornstein, M; de Haan, B; Guberman, J; Issa, N; Kim, J; Na, E; O'Brien, J; Paulk, A; Peck, T; Sashihara, M; Sheelar, K; Song, J; Steinberg, H; Sullivan, D