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Title: Network performance optimization using Odd and Even routing algorithm
Authors: Subramaniam, SK
Khan, SM
Nilavalan, R
Balachandran, W
Keywords: Linear topology;Pipeline network;Static routing;TCP performance;Static wireless sensor network
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 8th Computer Science & Electronic Engineering Conference, (2016)
Abstract: The revolution on static wireless sensor network (WSN) had gained popularity in remote monitoring especially in oil and gas pipeline integrity. The use of WSN in oil and gas pipelines facilitates real time data transmission from sensors to the monitoring station located miles away. WSN for pipeline network are critical performance driven communication mechanism due to its unique linear geographical set up. The network performance of linear topology is compromised proportionally to the number of nodes. Such a drawback results in poor delivery ratio, throughput, latency and fairness due to its snowball effect towards the destination node. In this paper, we proposed a novel routing method, Odd-Even Linear Static Routing Path (OE-LSRP) to achieve significant improvements in overall network performance in TCP traffic. Various simulation experiments are tested with OE-LSRP in accordance to IEEE 802.11standard to achieve results in making it feasible for the pipeline network.
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