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Title: Participation-based public art & design project model for culture-led urban regeneration
Authors: Ahn, SungHee
Advisors: Smith, S
Holland, R
Keywords: Public art & design project toolkit;Spitalfields;Peru Island;Sustainability in public art & design
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Brunel University
Abstract: Even though my intuition and experiences guided the research to the creative direction, it had no choice but to encounter many difficulties in terms of logical validation of the proposed theme. As Dr. Stefan L. Smith, one of my supervisors, mentioned, my research was like a beautiful unarmed wooden sailing boat which is not strong enough to fight against the giant storm or armed warships. Nevertheless, the boats finally have arrived to the port across the ocean thanks to invaluable help and support from great humans. First of all, my prime gratitude should be given to Dr. Ray Holland. As my first supervisor, he advised me to build the overall architecture of the thesis, and took the role of fair, sometimes very strong, winds driving the boat to the right direction whenever it strayed from the destined track. The other supervisors, Dr. Sarah Silve and Dr. Stefan Smiths gave me indispensable advices, and helped to cheer me up to face and surmount long period of depression. I send my special thanks to many of collaborators and participators in my research process, two test projects and experts interviews. In Spitalfields project, above all, I would like to send my great thanks to Kaye Newman, a course leader of Interior Design at London Met.University who was a key of the Project, and Mr. Ray Dervin, the manager of Spitalfields as well as local volunteer ladies from minority communities. In Gasiri Project, firstly I thank Mr. Ahn, BongSu and Mr. Jung, KyungUn, the village committee leaders and officers including SunHee Lee. Without their effective and powerful support, Gasiri Project couldn’t have been so successful. I owe huge debt to Mr. Ji, GeumJong, the director of Jeju Horse Museum and Park. His advice as an expert in community revitalization was crucial for planning and executing each sub-project. I also thank Expert interview guaranteed validity of the thesis. My heartfelt thanks go to all the interviewees and internal and external examiners about their intense critics. Lastly, I send my best regards to my family and JooYeon Ha, JiHyun Park, YooHyun Lee and many other friends for their patient sincere support.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.
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