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Title: TCP Timeout Mechanism for Optimization of Network Fairness and Performance in Multi-Hop Pipeline Network
Authors: Subramaniam, SK
Khan, SM
Nilavalan, R
Balachandran, W
Keywords: TCP;Throughput fairness indec;Delayed acknowledgement;Linear topology;Pipeline network
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: In proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science & Software Engineering, (2016)
Abstract: In the recent years, wireless sensor network (WSN) has a huge impact in many remote based applications especially in oil and gas pipeline monitoring. Thus, the deployment of a multi-hop linear WSN will be a practical solution on pipelines. With a large multi-hop linear WSN, the overall network performance is badly affected especially due to node starvation. Inequality among source nodes is relatively an amplified factor of generated data rate and source node distances from the destination node. In this paper, we proposed a mathematical model for TCP Delayed Timeout Acknowledgement (DTO-ACK) mechanism for non-zero passive nodes. Optimum throughput fairness can be achieved by implementation of DTO-ACK with Dual Interleaving Linear Static Routing Protocol (DI-LSRP) for flat topology. Implementation of DTO-ACK and modification of TCP parameters reduces packet collision and ensures optimal throughput fairness in a multi-hop linear topology using TCP agent.
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