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Title: A framework for inclusive digital storytelling for cultural tourism in Thailand
Authors: Kasemsarn, Kittachai
Advisors: Nickpour, F
Harrison, D
Keywords: inclusive design;Cultural tourism in Thailand;Digital storytelling;Design framework;Inclusive digital storytelling
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Brunel University London
Abstract: Thailand has been extremely successful in promoting itself as a cultural country, with tourism being the country’s primary source of income. However, cultural tourism for Thai people is considered to be a niche market, and little attention has been paid to the topic, compared to mass tourism. Moreover, Thai visitors have little motivation to visit actual historical sites and read the story displayed as part of exhibitions. This research aims to create, detail and evaluate a framework for inclusive digital storytelling to increase diversity and motivation for cultural tourism in Thailand.To broaden and increase the potential tourism market, this PhD research applies inclusive design principles as ‘understanding and designing for diversity’ by identifying potential Thai customers into five diverse groups (youth, older adults, disabled people, non-cultural tourists, and cultural tourists), and presents reports regarding the barriers and drivers for achieving this. To increase the motivation of Thai tourists, this PhD research adopts digital storytelling as ‘the guideline for creating storytelling’ to increase motivation among the five diverse groups, and illustrates how this was done in the second study. However, an issue arises if Thai people (particularly older adults and disabled people) cannot access or understand how to use this type of digital technology. These problems can in turn create opportunities for applying inclusive designs to digital technology in an effort to understand users’ behavioural needs; this is presented in the third study. Finally, the fourth study evaluates the framework detailed from the previous three studies in order to answer the primary research question: “How could inclusive design and digital storytelling principles be applied to facilitate cultural tourism in Thailand?” This PhD research can suggest and establish links between three key areas and devise and detail a new framework to increase diversity and motivation for cultural tourism for Thai visitors in Thailand which is original and interdisciplinary.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy and was awarded by Brunel University London
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