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Title: Data and videos for ultra fast synchrotron X-ray imaging studies of metal solidification under ultrasound
Authors: Wamg, B
Tan, D
Lee, TL
Khong, JC
Wang, F
Eskin, D
Connolley, T
Fezzaa, K
Mi, J
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Data inBrief, 2018, 17 pp. 837 - 841
Abstract: The datapresentedinthisarticlearerelatedtothepaperentitled ‘Ultrafast synchrotronX-rayimagingstudiesofmicrostructure fragmentation insolidification underultrasound’ [Wangetal.,Acta Mater.144(2018)505-515].Thisdataarticleprovidesfurther supporting informationandanalyticalmethods,includingthedata from bothexperimentalandnumericalsimulation,aswellasthe Matlab codeforprocessingtheX-rayimages.Sixvideoscon- structed fromtheprocessedsynchrotronX-rayimagesarealso provided.
ISSN: 2352-3409
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