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Title: Influence of technology on consumer behavior in the Digital Era
Authors: Kalganova, T
Limlahapun, R
Keywords: Consumer behavior;Mobile applications;Social media;Internet of Things
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Council for Hospitality Management Education
Abstract: With rapid development of technologies, the social behavior habits of consumers have significantly changed and is no longer in line with non-internet era. As digital technologies are having greater integration in our everyday life, the hospitality sector needs to be adapted respectively with deeper integration of newer technologies within its environment. This study investigates how technology impacts the everyday consumer behavior within the hospitality sector with the introduction of mobile and IoT technologies and social media. Our study shows that current mobile applications lacks the integration of significant factors found important to consumers in the hospitality industry. The factors are the venue quality, convenience, transportation time, parking space, and who to go with. It is vital for the hospitality industry to capture these factors and integrate IoT into their business technology.
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